2 more N.S. Mi’kmaq communities strike deals with Ottawa to set lobster traps

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Two Mi’kmaq First Nations person negotiated lobster fishing arrangements with Ottawa that authorize them to acceptable a full of 3,500 traps during federally regulated sportfishing seasons disconnected southwestern Nova Scotia.

Ottawa said contiguous successful a quality merchandise it had struck interim understandings with Bear River and Annapolis Valley First Nations that would let the communities’ fishers to acceptable 70 traps per vas and to legally merchantability their catch.

The deals travel pursuing a similar arrangement successful June with the Potlotek First Nation successful Cape Breton, successful which the national Fisheries Department provided the assemblage with licences to acceptable 700 lobster traps.

The caller fisheries announced contiguous volition hap successful lobster sportfishing areas 33, 34 and 35, and they volition instrumentality spot during the commercialized season.

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Ottawa says the Acadia and Glooscap First Nations besides participated successful the discussions and whitethorn petition to instrumentality portion successful sportfishing this play nether the aforesaid agreement.

Tensions remain, however, betwixt Ottawa and fishers from Sipekne’katik First Nation, who person said authorities officers person been seizing traps acceptable nether the community’s self-regulated fishery disconnected southwest Nova Scotia.

The commercialized play successful country 35 begins connected Thursday and goes until the extremity of the year. It starts again connected Feb. 28 until midsummer. The fisheries successful areas 33 and 34 tally from Nov. 29 until May 31, 2022.

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