3D-printed chain mail alternates between flexibility and rigidity

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Technology 11 August 2021

By Matthew Sparkes

Chainmail arch supporting weight

The concatenation message is beardown capable to enactment a weight

Dr. Yifan Wang, Dr. Liuchi Li, and Dr. Siteng Fan

A signifier of 3D-printed concatenation message tin alternate betwixt being flexible and rigid arsenic needed, meaning it could beryllium utilized for much comfy aesculapian supports, beardown but flexible subject armour oregon adjacent impermanent bridges.

Chiara Daraio astatine the California Institute of Technology and her colleagues utilized 3D printers to make respective versions of chain mail utilizing nexus shapes specified arsenic octahedrons, pyramids and rhomboids. The designs were printed successful 1 spell utilizing integrative for immoderate samples and aluminium for others.

With …

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