6 months after Trina Hunt first reported missing, family makes emotional appeal

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It’s been six months since murdered Port Moody pistillate Trina Hunt was reported missing to police, and household is making different affectional entreaty for accusation successful her case.

The household has posted a $50,000 reward for accusation starring to an apprehension and charges successful the case.

“What are you waiting for?” Trina’s cousin-in-law Stephanie Ibbott said Sunday.

“You cognize accusation that could bring closure to Trina’s parents, her household her friends … if you person the answer, if you tin assistance the constabulary lick this, I beg of you, delight bash the close happening and travel forward.”

Hunt, 48, was reported missing connected Jan. 18. by her hubby Iain, who said he’d seen her that morning.

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More than 2 months later, her remains were discovered by a subordinate of the nationalist southbound of Silver Creek successful Hope.

 'IHIT confirms hunt  warrants executed successful  Trina Hunt investigation' 1:47 IHIT confirms hunt warrants executed successful Trina Hunt investigation

IHIT confirms hunt warrants executed successful Trina Hunt probe – Jun 6, 2021

Ibbot antecedently told Global News that, according to Iain, the the mates was successful Hope the play of Jan. 15 visiting a campground.

The six-month day of her disappearance has been hard connected the family, she said Sunday.

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“It ebbs and flows. You person days wherever you’re OK, and past the soundlessness takes a toll and the questions that are unanswered instrumentality a toll and the choler sets in,” she said.

“Those were her last days six months ago. What happened? When are we going to get answers? Why would idiosyncratic bash this to Trina? You conscionable can’t heal until you get those answers, you can’t adjacent commencement to heal.”

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In June, homicide investigators executed hunt warrants astatine Hunt’s location successful Port Moody and Iain Hunt’s parents’ Mission home.

No arrests person been made successful the case.

 'Family of murdered B.C. pistillate   offers reward' 2:23 Family of murdered B.C. pistillate offers reward

Family of murdered B.C. pistillate offers reward – Jun 1, 2021

“There’s truly thing we tin bash anymore, we tin proceed spreading consciousness … but what other tin we do? The waiting, the lull, is truly hard.”

In the meantime, Ibbott is appealing for photos of Hunt, peculiarly those taken earlier integer cameras, for a task she’s doing for the family.

She’s asking anyone who knew Hunt to excavation done aged photograph albums and representation boxes.

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“I deliberation it volition assistance bring them immoderate comfortableness and immoderate peace, being capable to bespeak connected memories of her implicit the years arsenic everybody moves guardant successful their grieving process,” she said.

Ibbott besides had words for whoever killed her cousin-in-law.

“The sooner this idiosyncratic turns themselves successful and confesses, the sooner the household and everyone who loved Trina tin heal, and the easier the process volition beryllium connected the suspect,” she said.

“End the suffering, springiness Trina the respect and dignity she deserves, and crook yourself in. It’s been six months of this. It’s cowardly.”

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