“We’ve minimized Giannis for too long” — Shannon Sharpe on the Greek Freak’s Finals performance I UNDISPUTED

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The Greek Freak is conscionable 1 triumph distant from winning his archetypal NBA Finals with the Milwaukee Bucks but the 2-time MVP inactive hasn't gotten full respect astir the league from his peers. Just past twelvemonth James Harden said of Giannis quote, 'I privation I could conscionable tally and beryllium 7 feet and conscionable dunk. Like that takes nary accomplishment astatine all. I had to really larn however to play hoops and however to person skill, you know? I’ll instrumentality that immoderate day.' While Phoenix Suns' PG Chris Paul conscionable past week said of his Finals hostile quote, 'He comes down there, helium dunks, helium dunks immoderate much and helium shoots a layup.' Hear whether Shannon Sharpe believes Giannis Antetokounmpo has earned his respect during these Finals.

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