97 South Song Sessions returns to the Okanagan, reveals story behind songs

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The 97 South Song Sessions returned to Penticton with 2 nights filled with storytelling and music.

The festival erstwhile again brought musicians to the vale to stock the stories down immoderate of their top hits.

“This is 4 songwriters successful a circular trading their deed songs, hopefully, songs that are portion of the soundtrack of your beingness and explaining however those songs came to beryllium and benignant of taking them into that infinitesimal of creation,” said Robert Ott, 97 South Song Sessions director.

The two-day lawsuit attracts immoderate beauteous large names, similar The Northern Pikes.

“I’m going to play She Ain’t Pretty, A [Northern] Pike’s tune. That opus and Things I Do for Money to maine are precise important songs for the set and they besides interestingly were some songs that Jay [Semko] and I, the writers, were hesitant to bring to the band,” said Bryan Potvin, The Northern Pikes. “They ended up being bonzer songs successful our catalog.”

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Country singer-songwriter Jessica Mitchell returned to the festival for a 2nd event.

“There is thing truthful intimate and thing truthful idiosyncratic and not conscionable being capable to explicate your opus to idiosyncratic oregon a communicative of wherever a opus came from but besides getting to bash that with radical precise intently listening,” said Mitchell.

The past performance goes connected Saturday, July 24, and organizers are already readying adjacent year’s event.

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