A New Live-Action Pokémon TV Series Reportedly In The Works At Netflix Under Lucifer's Joe Henderson

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Netflix is continuing connected its task into the realm of gaming, this clip with a new Pokémon live-action bid nether the helm of Lucifer's Joe Henderson. 

The latest Netflix adaptation comes by mode of Varietywhich reports that the task is inactive precise aboriginal successful improvement and that determination are nary details disposable astatine this time. A root adjacent to the tract said that Henderson, who is the co-showrunner and enforcement shaper for the Netflix adaptation of the Lucifer comics, is slated to constitute and enforcement nutrient the bid astir catching 'em all. 

According to Variety, the task is shaping up to beryllium "akin" to Ryan Reynolds' Detective Pikachu film that came retired successful 2019 successful presumption of live-action and CGI. Nothing has been confirmed astatine this time, however, and Netflix has not responded to a petition for comment. 

We've seen shows, movies, comics, and games aplenty centering astir the fashionable pouch monster franchise, including the live-action instrumentality with Detective Pikachu. Where the institution decides to instrumentality this franchise is anyone's guess, but with a spot arsenic beloved as Pokémon, we anticipation that they don't overthink it excessively overmuch and support the look recognizable for longtime lovers of this series. 

As for Henderson, he's presently moving connected different comic publication adaptation for Netflix called Shadecraft, which was announced backmost successful March. Henderson himself wrote the comic with Lee Garbett arsenic the artist, truthful if helium is attached to this reported Pokémon take? He's going to beryllium a busy, engaged antheral successful the coming years. 

It volition beryllium absorbing to spot wherever this bid goes, particularly since Pokémon has been a beloved acquisition since it archetypal began backmost successful 1995. Since its inception, the franchise has grown to beryllium a powerhouse of assorted media adaptations, merchandise lines, and truthful overmuch more. 

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