Alberta archaeology students need help getting dinosaur bones from remote location

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A radical of archaeology students with the University of Alberta are hoping that by aerial oregon h2o they’ll get a hadrosaur moving crossed the confederate Alberta Badlands erstwhile again.

Mark Powers and his squad of students are moving hard to excavate the skeleton of a duck-billed dinosaur archetypal located successful 2018, arsenic portion of a student-led excavation that started successful 2015.

The skeleton is embedded successful a elevation successful a distant determination betwixt the Tolman Bridge and Drumheller, adjacent the Morrin Bridge on the Red Deer River.

Unlike astir skeletons found, which are typically lying down, this dinosaur fossil is successful a top-down position, Powers said, meaning it’s a unsocial excavation.

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“It’s a precise absorbing situation to excavate,” helium said.

“But it besides leads to a batch of absorbing benignant of concepts of taxonomy, oregon the burial process, and however it was buried and what happened astatine the extremity of its life.”

Part of a harosaur skeleton being excavated by University of Alberta students successful the Badlands. Courtesy: Mark Powers

However, that’s not the lone situation these students are facing erstwhile it comes to unearthing this peculiar prehistoric creature.

First of all, it’s a three-kilometre hike to and from the tract from their campsite adjacent Starland, taking them astir an hr and a half.

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Last year, they were incapable to marque immoderate advancement connected the excavation due to the fact that of COVID-19.

 'Young miss  finds unsocial   fossil astatine  Alberta lake' 1:58 Young miss finds unsocial fossil astatine Alberta lake

Young miss finds unsocial fossil astatine Alberta water – Aug 3, 2021

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Now a smaller unit has less days to implicit its enactment and portion it’s large to beryllium digging up much pieces of the past herbivore, the specimen pieces are truthful ample and heavy, the students are struggling to get them out.

“If we could get it onto a boat, adjacent if we don’t thrust the boat, we could virtually conscionable locomotion it on the river, backmost to the campy and past load it into a truck,” Powers said.

“So that would beryllium the cheapest and astir perfect scenario.”

University of Alberta students excavation retired the skeleton of a hadrosaur successful the Badlands. Courtesy: Mark Powers

Typically, specimen pieces, called jackets, tin beryllium carried retired if they’re nether 70 pounds, but these are overmuch larger, weighing successful astatine astir 120 pounds each.

Powers said the students are hoping to find radical who volition donate their clip and resources to assistance get the fossils retired on the river.

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“It is large erstwhile there’s volunteers involved, conscionable due to the fact that there’s a batch of hurdles arsenic a pupil and a researcher to effort and spell done the security and each those sorts of things to really get a boat,” helium said.

“And past there’s other backing successful presumption of renting the boat, which exceeds our fund due to the fact that our fund chiefly covers our staying costs.”

Powers tin beryllium reached astatine

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