Apex Legends Season 10 Trailer Shows Seer’s Abilities, New Weapon, Map Changes, And More

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The extremity of Apex Legends Season 9 is successful sight. So overmuch truthful that the clip has travel for Respawn to commencement dropping a bevy of caller cinematics to denote what precisely is coming adjacent for the fashionable conflict royale. The caller fable joining the roster is Seer; we’ve seen his Raiden-inspired design, and we’ve heard his mystical backstory. Today, however, Season 10 got its astir revealing trailer to day that showed Seer’s abilities, a marque caller weapon, the incoming representation changes, and immoderate conflict walk cosmetics. 

Officially titled Emergence, Season 10 is taking america to Worlds Edge erstwhile again. Parts of the representation springiness mode to ample rivers of lava, meaning that determination volition beryllium much biology hazards to ticker retired for arsenic you and your squad marque swift rotations. Of course, determination are caller laboratories that connection a batch of screen and precarious but amusive zipline routes. Moreover, Seer yet made his in-game entrance. His eventual casts a ample holographic dome that reveals force locations successful a ample radius. And his passive allows him to spot force footsteps and movements done coagulated surfaces. In each honesty, helium seems similar a overmuch amended mentation of Bloodhound. Hopefully, our favourite felagi combatant isn’t sidelined until further notice. 

A caller LMG, called Rampage, tin beryllium seen decimating squads passim the trailer. Based connected the footage, I’m not wholly definite what ammo benignant it’ll take – I’m hoping for airy since that’s the lone limb histrion that’s inactive missing a airy instrumentality gun. And was that a thermite that idiosyncratic loaded into the gun?! In immoderate case, the Rampage LMG tin sprout down doors, truthful for immoderate players that similar to doorway artifact to popular disconnected speedy heals, you’d amended commencement counting your blessings for the remainder of Season 9. You tin besides get a little look into caller legendary skins for Valkyrie and Horizon; determination volition undoubtedly beryllium much to unlock and equip erstwhile you acquisition Emergence’s conflict pass. 

Apex Legends Season 10 yet launches connected August 3.

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