B.C. judge issues reasons for rejecting Meng Wanzhou evidence

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A B.C. Supreme Court justice says she won’t let projected caller grounds successful Meng Wanzhou‘s extradition lawsuit due to the fact that it doesn’t “expressly” enactment the Huawei executive’s assertion that the United States’ lawsuit against her is “manifestly unreliable.”

Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes ruled July 9 against admitting the evidence but her reasons for the judgement were not released until Wednesday.

Meng is wanted successful the United States connected allegations that she misled HSBC astir Huawei’s narration with different company, putting the slope astatine hazard of violating U.S. sanctions against Iran — charges that some she and Huawei deny.

Meng’s ineligible squad argued that the documents undermine the allegations of fraud against Meng, proving the United States misled the tribunal successful its summary to Canada of the lawsuit against her.

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The documents precocious obtained by Meng’s ineligible squad from HSBC done a tribunal statement successful Hong Kong see interior email chains and spreadsheets.

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Holmes says successful the ruling that portion the documents would “no uncertainty beryllium invaluable to Meng successful a trial,” they don’t expressly authorities Meng’s conclusion, which tin lone beryllium reached done inferences.

“It is lone inferences from the documents that enactment those facts oregon conclusions, and they are not the lone tenable inferences the documents support,” Holmes writes successful the ruling.

The documents are besides not susceptible of showing that the inferences made by the United States successful its summary of allegations against Meng were unreasonable, she says.

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Holmes says that weighing competing inferences falls successful the jurisdiction of a trial, not an extradition hearing.

“Competing imaginable inferences whitethorn oregon whitethorn not play an important portion successful the trial, wherever witnesses volition attest and beryllium cross-examined, and the assemblage of grounds volition beryllium acold much complete,” she writes.

“In the discourse of an extradition hearing, the existent oregon astir due inference cannot beryllium determined.”

The last 2 to 3 weeks of hearings successful Meng’s extradition lawsuit are scheduled to statesman Aug. 3.

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