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For years, fans of Valve's iconic zombie-slayer Left 4 Dead person been begging for a instrumentality to the franchise. While Back 4 Blood whitethorn not person everything players person asked for, developer Turtle Rock Studios has shown implicit its erstwhile alpha and aboriginal entree beta tests that they person their digit connected the pulse of what makes the PVE slaughter of the undead truthful satisfying. If you missed past week's beta, you're successful for a treat, arsenic the Back 4 Blood beta is returning to consoles and PC for 1 past clip earlier its October 12 release day aboriginal this year.

To observe this 1 past showing, Liana Ruppert, Marcus Stewart, and Alex Stadnik are stepping into The Cleaners' shoes and blowing done the undead unrecorded for your viewing pleasure. We're kicking the amusement disconnected astatine 2:30 p.m. CT exclusively connected Twitch, truthful beryllium definite to travel through, accidental hello, and footwear your feet up arsenic the unit tests retired Left 4 Dead's spiritual successor. 

Still funny successful Back 4 Blood? We person you covered present astatine Game Informer with a ton of fantabulous content. Fans of the written connection should cheque retired Brian Shea's great preview of his time with the aboriginal entree beta and Liana's PSA astir what players should cognize astir the aboriginal tech test. If video is much your cupful of tea, beryllium definite to ticker our previous stream wherever we instrumentality connected the undead successful the game's archetypal enactment and trial retired the new PVP mode! Thanks for watching and we anticipation you bask the show!

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