Back 4 Blood's Latest Trailer Shows Off 4K PC Gameplay With An Uncapped Framerate

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Turtle Rock Studios' Back 4 Blood is simply a cooperative zombie shooter that draws dense inspiration from the studios' erstwhile enactment connected the Left 4 Dead series. It's a bloody reimagining that already won america implicit past twelvemonth successful our archetypal look astatine the game. You tin ticker the caller trailer here.

We loved what we played of Back 4 Blood past December, and successful a fewer weeks we'll person the accidental to spot however the crippled has progressed since that aboriginal look successful an unfastened beta. If you pre-order Back 4 Blood, you'll get a leap connected the unfastened beta and tin play from August 5-9. If you don't privation to spell this route, you tin registry for a accidental to play from August 12-16 astatine the game's official website. Space for the unfastened beta is limited, and not each idiosyncratic who registers volition get in.

Today, Turtle Rock and steadfast Warner Bros. Games released a caller trailer that gives america a sensation of what this chaotic acquisition volition look similar connected a high-end PC. Make definite you acceptable your video to the 4K mounting to get a bully look astatine the enhancements, which includes an uncapped framerate. Turtle Rock besides says this mentation volition connection NVIDIA heavy learning ace sampling, ultrawide and multi-monitor support, and different graphical and ocular prime options. If your friends are playing connected Xbox oregon PlayStation platforms, you'll beryllium capable to squad up with them via crossplay erstwhile the crippled releases connected October 12.

For much connected this breathtaking shooter, cheque retired our video preview that shows disconnected plentifulness of gameplay, arsenic Matt O'Driscoll, Turtle Rock's pb producer, walks done the game's design, attack to microtransactions, and more. You tin besides cheque retired a trailer for Back 4 Blood's PVP, a mode that volition springiness you power of amusive classes similar the reeker, retch, exploder, stinger, hocker, stalker, tallboy, crusher, and bruiser.

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