Biden Acts To Expand Funding For Rural COVID 19 Crisis

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Even though agrarian America overwhelmingly voted for his opponent, President Biden is taking enactment to assistance agrarian communities with COVID 19.

President Biden Announces Steps To Assist Rural Communities

According to a White House Fact Sheet Provided To PoliticusUSA:

Today, the Biden Administration is taking enactment to amended the wellness of agrarian communities by making millions of dollars successful American Rescue Plan backing disposable to conscionable contiguous COVID-19 needs. This funding, which volition besides assistance agrarian hospitals enactment unfastened successful the agelong tally and amended the attraction provided to agrarian communities, builds connected efforts the Administration has already taken to assistance agrarian communities tackle the COVID-19 situation and amended entree to wellness care. And these actions are lone the beginning. President Biden’s Build Back Better docket – besides known arsenic the reconciliation bundle – volition marque important investments successful agrarian Americans’ wellness by lowering medicine cause and different wellness attraction costs, expanding entree to care, and improving maternal health, and the bipartisan infrastructure authorities volition amended the prime of drinking h2o successful agrarian communities.
Helping wellness attraction providers successful agrarian areas screen costs associated with COVID-19 and support their doors open. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is providing $8.5 cardinal successful American Rescue Plan backing successful the coming weeks to assistance compensate wellness attraction providers who service agrarian Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) patients for mislaid gross and accrued expenses associated with COVID-19These funds volition assistance guarantee that providers tin efficaciously respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and volition spot them connected unchangeable fiscal footing to proceed serving their communities into the future.
Expanding agrarian hospitals and providers’ entree to COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and supplies, portion helping agrarian wellness attraction providers enactment financially solvent successful the long-term. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is utilizing $500 cardinal successful American Rescue Plan backing to make the Emergency Rural Health Care Grant Program. The programme volition supply astatine slightest $350 cardinal to assistance agrarian hospitals and section communities summation entree to COVID-19 vaccines and testing, aesculapian supplies, telehealth, and nutrient assistance, and enactment operation oregon renovation of agrarian wellness attraction facilities. Applicants tin besides use for betterment funds that compensate for mislaid gross oregon staffing expenses owed to COVID-19. In addition, the programme volition supply up to $125 cardinal successful grants to program and instrumentality models that assistance amended the semipermanent viability of agrarian wellness attraction providers, including wellness attraction networks that let agrarian providers to collectively code assemblage challenges and make innovative solutions.
Training caller agrarian wellness attraction providers, including assemblage wellness workers and respiratory therapists, and expanding telehealth. HHS volition marque $52 cardinal from the American Rescue Plan disposable to bid a scope of wellness attraction workers to capable in-demand professions affected by the pandemic. Specifically, HHS is creating agrarian wellness networks by pairing unneurotic minority-serving institutions, assemblage colleges, method colleges, agrarian hospitals, Rural Health Clinics, assemblage wellness centers, nursing homes and substance maltreatment providers. Networks volition absorption connected cross-training and sustaining assemblage wellness workers successful agrarian communities; expanding the workforce to enactment physics wellness records arsenic good arsenic virtual and telehealth systems; expanding the capableness of exigency aesculapian services reduced by pandemic-driven work reductions by processing Community Paramedicine programs; and grooming lawsuit absorption unit and respiratory therapists, who volition play a captious relation successful helping agrarian objective sites amended service patients affected by semipermanent COVID wellness challenges. The exertion volition beryllium disposable successful the coming weeks.
Expanding entree to pulmonary rehabilitation services. HHS is announcing that, successful FY 2022, it volition enactment a objection task to heighten entree to pulmonary rehabilitation services successful Critical Access Hospitals that service agrarian communities with precocious rates of chronic obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD). COPD is 1 of the starring causes of decease successful the U.S., and adults successful agrarian areas are astir doubly arsenic apt to person it compared to those successful municipality areas.
Expanding Veterans Affairs grooming programs for agrarian providers. The Rural Interprofessional Faculty Development Initiative (RIFDI), developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), is an innovative two-year grooming programme designed to supply teaching and grooming skills for clinicians successful agrarian settings, preparing agrarian clinicians to instrumentality connected module roles, mentor aesculapian professionals to service successful agrarian America, and turn the healthcare workforce successful agrarian communities. By the extremity of this calendar year, VA volition motorboat a caller associated inaugural with HHS, adding non-VA assemblage clinicians to the program. This associated inaugural volition payment up to 40 agrarian communities each twelvemonth and alteration agrarian clinicians to amended bid the adjacent procreation of clinicians who volition service agrarian America.
Increasing entree to telehealth. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is announcing that it volition clasp a virtual public workshop to place ways to amended agrarian wellness done telehealth-guided provider-to-provider connection arsenic portion of its ongoing Pathways to Prevention bid October 12-14th. 

With the accelerated enlargement of telehealth during the pandemic, this store volition bring unneurotic cardinal NIH partners, different national agencies, researchers and assemblage stakeholders to measure the existing evidence, place gaps and make plans to determination telehealth forward. In addition, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services precocious projected a caller regularisation to grow entree to telehealth intelligence wellness services for agrarian and susceptible populations by allowing Medicare to wage for intelligence wellness visits furnished via telehealth erstwhile they are provided by Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). This connection would grow entree to Medicare beneficiaries, particularly those surviving successful agrarian and different underserved areas.

Biden Is A President For All Americans

The erstwhile medication ignored the parts of America that didn’t enactment oregon ballot for it. The Trump medication didn’t govern for each and intentionally punished those who did not enactment them.

President Biden is governing for each Americans. His medication sees people, not votes oregon governmental support. The conception of governing for each has returned to the United States successful a large way.

Rural America needs assistance with the COVID crisis. Local leaders are frustrated with the debased vaccination rates successful galore agrarian parts of the country. President Biden is providing the enactment and resources for success, but it volition beryllium up to agrarian America to instrumentality vantage of them.

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