Biden Checkmates DeSantis By Potentially Having Feds Pay Mask Mandate School Salaries

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that American Rescue Plan wealth could surely beryllium utilized to wage salaries of Florida schoolhouse officials who person disguise mandates.


Jen Psaki says CARES Act wealth could "certainly" beryllium utilized to wage the salaries of anyone who Ron DeSantis strips backing from successful Florida's schoolhouse strategy for imposing a disguise mandate.


Press Secretary Psaki said astatine the White House Press Briefing, “In the American Rescue Plan allocation, oregon successful the guidelines for parameters for however that wealth could beryllium spent, surely paying for salaries is simply a portion of that, oregon could beryllium a portion of that, could screen those needs for those officials.”

President Biden Could Restore The Funding That Ron DeSantis Is Threatening To Take Away

The national authorities stepping successful and paying the salaries of Florida schoolhouse territory officials who enforce disguise mandates with wealth that has already been allocated to Florida arsenic portion of COVID alleviation would beryllium a fatal stroke to Gov. DeSantis’s tyranny by COVID.

The Biden medication isn’t going to beryllium backmost and let Republican governors similar DeSantis and Abbott to jeopardize the wellness and lives of children and adults moving successful nationalist schools.

Ron DeSantis is trying to physique a statesmanlike run by spreading COVID. President Biden is intelligibly exploring doing everything successful his powerfulness to halt the Florida politician from making kids sick.

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