Biden Destroys GOP Socialism Claims With Free Market Plan To Lower Drug Costs

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President Biden has a program to usage Medicare to make contention to little the outgo of medicine drugs.

Video of President Biden:

So overmuch for Republicans claiming Biden is simply a socialist. The President announces a program to usage Medicare to make contention successful the marketplace to little medicine cause prices.


The President said:

There has agelong been speech about giving Medicare the powerfulness to negotiate little cause prices. Medicare takes attraction of millions of people. My program volition let that. Every different benignant of healthcare service from however overmuch a doctor can complaint for a visit, hospital visits, crutches, wheelchairs, Medicare is allowed to accidental we volition wage no more. As I’ve said before, the only thing Medicare is not allowed to negociate our prices for prescription drugs. My program gets escaped of that prohibition. The connection I made while running for president is Medicare should negociate cause prices crossed the board. 

Congresses presently debating letting Medicare negociate immoderate of the astir costly drugs, particularly from those companies that bash not face competitionfor that drug. We are going to supply that competitionthrough Medicare. Medicare volition negociate a just price. Right present cause companies will set a terms astatine immoderate the market volition bear. 

Biden Urges Congress To Congress To Act On Lowering Prescription Drug Prices.

A “socialist” doesn’t physique his program to little medicine cause prices astir encouraging free-market competition. Big Pharma instantly gets worked up each clip the thought that possibly they shouldn’t person a price-gouging monopoly connected perchance life-saving drugs is broached, but it feels similar the clip is present to get this done.

After the Senate handles voting rights, but earlier the extremity of the year, nary 1 should beryllium amazed if the needed reforms to little medicine cause costs yet go a reality.

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