Blizzard Co-Founder And Former CEO Responds To Activision Blizzard Lawsuit, "I Am Extremely Sorry That I Failed You"

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This past week, ineligible documents regarding a suit from the authorities of California against Activision Blizzard surfaced. The lawsuit's details are graphic, disturbing, and elaborate successful a mode that is causing some the gaming assemblage and the manufacture to instrumentality action. Following the archetypal report, Blizzard co-founder and erstwhile CEO Mike Morhaime has released his ain statement. Unlike Activision's response, Morhaime took afloat work for the "failings" of the institution concerning the intersexual harassment, sex discrimination, and toxic behaviour that was reported to beryllium prevalent within the company's culture. 

Content informing for graphic conversations regarding intersexual misconduct, abuse, and suicide. 

Morhaime took to Twitter with an extended apology message to those successful the institution helium utilized to lead. The archetypal information of his effect straight called attraction to the allegations, lending enactment to those speaking out. "I person work the afloat ailment against Activision Blizzard and galore of the different stories," his connection began. "It is each precise disturbing and hard to read. I americium ashamed. It feels similar everything I thought I stood for has been washed away. What’s worse but adjacent much important, existent radical person been harmed, and immoderate women had unspeakable experiences."

He continued, saying, "I was astatine Blizzard for 28 years. During that time, I tried precise hard to make an situation that was harmless and welcoming for radical of each genders and backgrounds. I knew that it was not perfect, but intelligibly we were acold from that goal. The information that truthful galore women were mistreated and were not supported means we fto them down. In addition, we did not win successful making it consciousness harmless for radical to archer their truth. It is nary consolation that different companies person faced akin challenges. I wanted america to beryllium different, better.

"Harassment and favoritism exist. They are prevalent successful our industry. It is the work of enactment to support each employees feeling safe, supported, and treated equitably, careless of sex and background. It is the work of enactment to stamp retired toxicity and harassment successful immoderate form, crossed each levels of the company. To the Blizzard women who experienced immoderate of these things, I americium highly atrocious that I failed you."

Activision's immediate response to the details of the suit going nationalist was filled with denial and assertive deflection, a effect that Morhaime was cautious not to take. Instead of taking the way the archetypal Activision effect reflected, Morhaime offered support. More than that, helium made it wide that helium knows that a elemental connection is thing without action, saying, "I recognize that these are conscionable words, but I wanted to admit the women who had atrocious experiences. I perceive you, I judge you, and I americium truthful atrocious to person fto you down. I privation to perceive your stories, if you are consenting to stock them. As a person successful our industry, I tin and volition usage my power to assistance thrust affirmative alteration and to combat misogyny, discrimination, and harassment wherever I can. I judge we tin bash better, and I judge the gaming manufacture tin beryllium a spot wherever women and minorities are welcomed, included, supported, recognized, rewarded, and yet unimpeded from the accidental to marque the types of contributions that each of america articulation this manufacture to make. I privation the people I permission connected this manufacture to beryllium thing that we tin each beryllium arrogant of."

There were assorted reactions to his stance, including responses from erstwhile and existent Activision Blizzard employees. Some were candied with Morhaime saying that helium was right, helium did neglect them, recounting times erstwhile they tried to talk up successful the past lone to beryllium bullied, belittled, gaslit, oregon - successful immoderate cases - physically reprimanded: 

I was aboriginal reprimanded for doing that, wholly ignoring however terrified I was that my trying to prevention someone's beingness had someway enactment my occupation successful jeopardy, and that I was going to beryllium assaulted astatine a enactment lawsuit due to the fact that of it.

It felt similar I was ne'er fixed immoderate grace, contempt truthful -

— Cher Scarlett (@cherthedev) July 24, 2021

When I deliberation backmost specifically to however galore women Afrasiabi harassed and assaulted, myself included, and however galore radical were traumatized by Bridenbecker, the toxic situation that Pearce's EA's had for truthful galore years... it's hard for maine to deliberation that you couldn't person enabled it.

— Cher Scarlett (@cherthedev) July 24, 2021

Someone asked maine what I thought of Dreamhaven precocious and their connection astir creating a divers spot and I responded…how could I judge that erstwhile you tolerated what went connected astatine Blizzard. You filled the ranks w/ aged defender taken from Blizzard.

— Connie Griffith (@gamedevconnie) July 24, 2021

There’s a agelong mode to go, and determination are a batch of radical who request to reappraisal past misses and mislaid opportunities to admit definite behaviors/people for what they were.

— 💖💛💙Stephanie “The Vaxxed” Krutsick🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 (@skrutsick) July 24, 2021

“The information that truthful galore women were mistreated and were not supported means we fto them down. In addition, we did not win successful making it consciousness harmless for radical to archer their truth.”


These are the cardinal phrases.

— 💖💛💙Stephanie “The Vaxxed” Krutsick🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 (@skrutsick) July 24, 2021

While the words bash connection a genuine reaction, they are thing without action. Numerous erstwhile employees person travel guardant to respond to Morhaime saying that helium "knew each along," which brings america to the people of action. Will Morhaime assistance successful the lawsuit? Will helium supply enactment for those helium talked astir successful his nationalist statement? Legal support, fiscal support, occupation placement enactment successful effect to the allegations? 

The probe has been going connected for implicit 2 years, according to the archetypal report, centering on a declared "frat boy" civilization wrong Activision Blizzard. The suit besides cites the institution being a "breeding crushed for harassment and favoritism against women." As mentioned successful our archetypal coverage, the details successful the suit are graphic, recounting purported incidents that see casual favoritism each the mode up to intersexual battle and harassment. The suit goes truthful acold arsenic to authorities that definite actions led to the termination of 1 developer pursuing a travel with her supervisor, who reportedly brought "butt plugs and lubricant" connected a enactment travel with her successful hopes of coercing her into unwanted relations.

To larn more, including the reported attempts to spell consecutive to HR, we promote you to work our erstwhile sum here

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