Box Sign brings integrated e-signatures to the Box platform

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Business and enterprise-level customers get the caller integer signing diagnostic opening today, with rollout to the remainder of Box's customers successful the coming months.


Box Sign

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Cloud hosting institution Box has launched a caller integer signature merchandise it calls Box Sign, bringing autochthonal e-signature capabilities to its platform, on with APIs "enabling businesses to digitize and modernize the mode agreements are managed and governed successful the cloud," Box said. 

Box Sign is the effect of Box's February 2021 acquisition of cloud  physics signature institution SignRequest. Box said that the nonstop integration of SignRequest's bundle into its level volition trim concern costs by eliminating third-party e-signature tools and summation productivity. 

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There won't beryllium immoderate further costs to usage Box Sign, but it isn't mostly disposable yet. Today's motorboat brings it to Box Business and Box Enterprise customers, who volition person entree to a wide scope of features including nary bounds connected signed documents, signature requests for non-Box users, templates for commonly-used documents, information controls similar email authentication and tamper seals, API entree and the quality to nonstop documents from third-party and customized apps. 

In summation to the features listed above, Enterprise customers get further features that let bulk actions, the quality to adhd attachments, and self-service signature workflows. Later this year, Box said, Sign volition beryllium disposable for Starter-level plans arsenic well. 

Box Sign is besides compliant with HIPAA, SOC, ISO, FedRAMP and different standards, and Sign is besides disposable arsenic portion of the Box for Salesforce integration package. 

With this announcement, Box joins companies similar Adobe and DropBox, some of whom antecedently announced integrated e-signature capabilities. Box Sign volition apt beryllium an important instrumentality successful the company's portfolio, particularly successful the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which Forrester said officially made digital documents and e-signatures an indispensable portion of business. Despite that importance, Box said citing an IDC study, lone a 3rd of organizations usage e-signatures. Cost barriers and bequest tools, Box said, are superior drivers of that statistic. 

"Every day, much transactions are moving from paper-based manual workflows to the cloud, and we volition lone spot this inclination accelerate arsenic companies displacement to a hybrid enactment environment," said Box CPO Diego Dugatkin. 

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In summation to announcing Box Sign, Box besides announced contiguous a caller Enterprise Plus work tier. The program includes each of Box's large add-ons, similar Box Shield, Box Governance, Box Relay and Box Platform, on with Box Sign. The caller tier is disposable contiguous for caller and existing Box customers, and volition regenerate Box Digital Suites. Companies utilizing that tier of work volition beryllium capable to upgrade to Enterprise Plus, oregon stay connected Digital Suites, for nary further cost. 

Box users funny successful learning much astir Box Sign can read the afloat announcement and registry for the Aug. 5 webinar discussing the merchandise successful detail.

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