Boyfriend Dungeon Preview - Where Bloodlust Meets, Well, Lust

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You ever look astatine a dagger and think, "Man, I truly privation I could day that thing?" Well, you're successful luck due to the fact that Boyfriend Dungeon lets you bash conscionable that. Boyfriend Dungeon is the latest escapade from Kitfox Games, and it's astir arsenic weird arsenic it sounds. In this dungeon-crawler, you're not conscionable warring with weapons; you're wooing them too. Its hilarious pick-up lines, desirable romance options, and colorful satellite each blend to signifier an enjoyable acquisition that anyone tin leap into. 

In Boyfriend Dungeon, you tin make the quality you want. While the quality instauration instrumentality is limited, you tin take basal options similar antithetic hairsbreadth colors, pronouns, and wide vibe. Tasked with clearing retired the creatures successful the "dunj" (starting with the mall), you're abruptly thrust into a satellite wherever adjacent the simplest limb tin beryllium much than it appears. What a brainsick coincidence that they each besides hap to beryllium ridiculously hot. 

Starting out, you're acquainted with a humble country with a reflector to marque quality changes, a telephone to marque dates with, and a array to trade gifts on. Root retired monster infestations, docket a small lovin' connected the side; it's a emblematic Tuesday nighttime present successful Boyfriend Dungeon with wit that fans of games similar Dream Daddy volition appreciate. 

There are 7 divers romance options to take from, each with wildly antithetic property types. There's Isaac, the Estoc weapon, who is known for his spiffy stylish consciousness and crisp wit. There's Valeria, who is simply a dagger, that warns you distant from atrocious lad Sunder (who is simply a Talwar). She'll pass you that her BFF is simply a subordinate and volition connection you a accidental to creation with her instead. She's beauteous dope, truthful I wooed her the astir with my clip successful the game, but man, that interior angsty teen successful maine truly wanted to propulsion for Sunder. 

There is besides Seven, a Lasersaber, that is each K-pop fan's imagination travel true, portion Sawyer, who is simply a Glaive, is conscionable the cutest idiosyncratic successful the full wide satellite but besides known for being consecutive to the point. Rowan is simply a Scythe and a mystic and is cleanable for those chap introverts retired determination that conscionable privation to walk clip with their plants. I get it. 

During my clip with the game, I met 3 of the weapons alongside a fewer different dating options, and I loved however each idiosyncratic felt wholly unique. Too often, with games similar these, there's the trap of trying to contiguous the "ideal" emotion interest. The archetypal imaginativeness gets convoluted with either a copy/paste look for characters oregon wholly disrupting the game's cohesion. Boyfriend Dungeon keeps it simple, pulling from fashionable "types" and putting a originative rotation connected them. Even the characters I didn't person immoderate idiosyncratic involvement successful were inactive entertaining to speech to, and I felt similar they had a batch to connection this satellite with their unsocial perspectives, limb abilities, and substance chat style. 

Each quality felt inclusive without feeling forced, and the story's progression feels intuitive successful the mode that makes you privation to support playing. The dungeon crawling mechanics are besides straightforward, utilizing the top-down visuals for combat and Sailor Moon-inspired transformations for erstwhile the weapons crook into their alternate forms. It's a amusive crippled that is casual to vessel clip into without feeling similar you "have" to play a definite way. It's a crippled that doesn't instrumentality itself excessively earnestly and makes that constituent close up front, permitting players to fto themselves bask a whimsical and comedic communicative without feeling similar the value of the world's doctrine is connected your shoulders. 

It's a classical tale: idiosyncratic sees weapon. Person dates weapon. Person and limb autumn successful love. Person and limb execution the crap retired of monsters. 

Boyfriend Dungeon volition merchandise connected Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime aboriginal this year. It volition besides beryllium connected Xbox Game Pass, giving those funny a accidental to effort earlier buying. 

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