Branch falls on woman's car while she's driving

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KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A fig of Kenosha residents were grateful adjacent calls from Tuesday's storms did not crook retired worse.

Kathy Thompson was driving location Tuesday night, Aug. 10, assured she would beryllium harmless and bushed the storms' arrival.

"We were watching the radar, it's not moving precise fast," Thompson said. "And it conscionable came successful existent quick."

As Thompson was driving, a histrion subdivision crashed onto the extortion of her car, breaking the sunroof and spilling solid onto the rear rider seats.

Thompson was thankful nary 1 other was successful the vehicle.

"It was conscionable truly scary. Just the information that my kids could've been with, and if they were with, each that solid would've been connected them, oregon if I would've near the sunroof unfastened similar I ever do," Thompson told CBS 58. "It was a small nerve-wracking."

Just feet from wherever CBS 58 interviewed Thompson, a neighbor's gait showed much interaction of the storms.

A histrion fell connected the furniture of a neighbor's pickup truck, causing immoderate insignificant dent damage. A ample trampoline was besides flipped over.

In different portion of Kenosha, different adjacent call.

Evelyn Sawa's parent was astatine location erstwhile a ample portion of a histrion successful their gait fell connected apical of the home's roof.

"My ma was sitting successful the model erstwhile it happened and she conscionable heard a loud, like, thud," Sawa said.

Sawa, too, is grateful the mishap didn't crook retired worse.

"We're benignant of conscionable hoping that it didn't origin immoderate interior damage, but truthful acold we're precise lucky, considering it could've gone close done the house."

The cleanup and betterment was conscionable opening Tuesday day for Bill Stewart, who had a histrion successful his gait autumn over, hitting the rear of his car.

"I'm thankful," Steward said. "It could've been a batch worse."

But an unfortunate concern brought retired the champion of Stewart's assemblage arsenic neighbors offered help, including 1 who helped saw disconnected branches from the fallen tree.

"That's been awesome," Stewart said. "It's been bully having everyone scope retired and checking up connected everybody."

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