Brockville, Ont. woman catches the ace for $718K win in Kin Club of Russell lottery

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It took 50 draws, but the ace of spades couldn’t fell forever. The Kin Club of Russell’s catch-the-ace lottery yet wrapped up connected Sunday aft raising astir a cardinal dollars for charity.

Shawn Stephenson of Brockville, Ont., took location a full jackpot of $718,466.50 aft she won that week’s $51,529 gully connected Sunday afternoon, arsenic her prime for the accumulated $666,937.50 expansive prize, envelope No. 4, besides held the elusive ace of spades.

Kin Club president Doug Anthony opened the envelope unrecorded connected Facebook with Stephenson (and her mother) connected the line. Before revealing the large win, helium asked her wherever she does her banking, turning Scotiabank’s “you’re richer than you think” tagline into a precise literal revelation.

The Kin Club’s catch-the-ace lottery — a format that sees the jackpot emergence each week that the ace of spades goes unfound — saw 49 weeks spell by without a expansive prize winner.

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The progressive lottery was enactment connected clasp galore times passim the COVID-19 pandemic, but the longer it ran, the much it became a sensation crossed the province. Ontario changed authorities successful caller years to let organizations to tally 50-50 draws online and merchantability tickets provincewide, letting buyers from much than 350 communities spot successful to effort their luck.

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Anthony told Global News that online draws during the pandemic spurred a flurry of excitement successful Russell and astatine the section Kin Club, which earlier past had typically raised astir $50,000 full with a bully draw.

“It’s getting truly crazy. We’ve marketed the hellhole retired of it,” helium said successful March. “We’re truly reaping the benefits.”

With the funds raised going to charity, the Kin Club’s 3rd catch-the-ace lottery raised astir $972,000 for its partners: Breast Cancer Action (Ottawa), Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Osgoode Care Centre, Russell Minor Hockey Association, Valoris Foundation and Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation.

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