Bungie Details Destiny 2: Season 15 Transmog Changes With Synthstrand Modifications

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As Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer continues to inch towards completion, Bungie continues to supply updates for what's adjacent successful the contiguous aboriginal and for play 15. When the existent play implemented the long-requested Transmog feature, it was met with mixed feedback. Some didn't caput the seasonal headdress and the grind for materials due to the fact that it fell successful enactment with akin aspects of the online game. In contrast, others were frustrated by the headdress and felt that the workplace overcomplicated the process. Bungie has conscionable revealed a fewer changes it is making to Synthstrands and the wide transmog process with that feedback successful mind. 

The latest Bungie Blog post opened up astir immoderate of the feedback players person fixed astir the full Armor Synthesis system. The archetypal measurement to taking that feedback to bosom includes a fewer tiny changes to the currency utilized to transmog: Synthstrands. "Effective astatine the commencement of Season 15, we volition deprecate the passively-earned satellite currency, Synthstrand, that was utilized to acquisition Armor Synthesis bounties from Ada-1," reads the latest blog entry. "In its place, these bounties volition beryllium purchasable for 10,000 Glimmer instead."

The crushed for this tiny but impactful alteration is to chopped down connected the grind clip for Synthwave tokens that each people needs to spruce up their gear. Another byproduct of removing this currency is that it allows for the Consumables inventory slots to beryllium a small spot much freed up portion besides making the full transmog process conscionable a small spot simpler. The alteration won't spell unrecorded for adjacent week's update, but Bungie states that it volition beryllium effectual astatine the motorboat of Season 15. 

If you're disquieted that these changes aren't enough, don't be. Bungie concluded its transmog update by stating that the squad is inactive paying adjacent attraction to feedback concerning the Armor Synthesis system, including subordinate reactions to erstwhile the changes rotation retired adjacent season, to guarantee that transmog works the mode it's meant to and tin beryllium enjoyed by all. 

We don't cognize erstwhile Destiny 2: Season 15 volition footwear off, but we bash person August 24 to look guardant to. Bungie confirmed a peculiar lawsuit for August 24 that volition presumably uncover precisely what the adjacent play volition person to connection arsenic good arsenic a look astatine the Witch Queen enlargement connected the horizon. Which is great, but Osiris? He's acting much than a small sus, and present that Savathun is walking astir the metropolis nether the guise of idiosyncratic we know? Well, it's astir to get real. 

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