Calgary Flames program to outfit Saskatchewan Indigenous minor hockey players with new equipment

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The Calgary Flames Sports Bank and the National Native Sport Program are moving unneurotic to assistance on-reserve minor hockey players by giving caller instrumentality to kids successful Saskatchewan.

Families received exertion forms during the Daniels Hockey School campy successful Warman, Sask. successful bid to get the cogwheel inactive successful the integrative this fall.

Yesterday and today, @sdaniels16 and @thebigcat42 held the yearly Daniels Hockey School campy successful Warman, Sask with a absorption connected Indigenous youth. They besides teamed up with the National Native Sports Program and @FlamesSportBank to marque definite each kid has a caller acceptable of cogwheel this autumn

— Kyle Benning (@KBBenning) August 11, 2021

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The programme has operated successful Alberta, but this is the archetypal clip it has been brought to Saskatchewan.

The Daniels campy is tally by existent Harvard University women’s hockey squad assistant manager Sydney Daniels, her relative Colby Daniels who besides played astatine the assemblage level successful the U.S. and her begetter and erstwhile NHL subordinate Scott Daniels.

The Daniels household is from Mistawasis First Nation and uses the campy to stock their passionateness for hockey with kids surviving connected reserves.

“They don’t person to beryllium the champion hockey players. We conscionable privation them to travel and person amusive and cognize that athletics tin beryllium a conveyance for accidental arsenic well,” Sydney said.

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The campy started 5 years agone wherever they had less than 50 kids motion up.

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It has since grown to respective 100 and has galore families returning each year, similar Kimberly Greyeyes.

She said immoderate of her children hadn’t been introduced to hockey, but the Daniels household was diligent with her lad to the constituent wherever helium is comfy skating and playing arsenic a goalie.

“More often than not erstwhile you spell into immoderate different campy and you’re a peewee, you’re not truthful easy encouraged. Here, it doesn’t substance your accomplishment level. They see everybody,” Greyeyes said.

The propulsion for this programme came erstwhile the National Native Sport Program worked with the NHL’s diverseness team.

However the programme sees this arsenic conscionable the commencement for what tin instrumentality spot successful Indigenous communities.

“And wherever bash we spell from here? Well I deliberation the simplest reply is to support pushing for these initiatives positive code beingness disconnected the crystal for these youth,” President and Founder Warren Crowchild told Global News.

Many of the families are utilized to hand-me-downs erstwhile it comes to instrumentality for kids.

Greyeyes said immoderate of her children weren’t capable to commencement playing organized hockey until they were a spot older conscionable due to the fact that of the disbursal for instrumentality and league fees.

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Organizers anticipation entree to this caller instrumentality offers a self-confidence boost and encourages kids to proceed playing the sport.

“It’s not casual and a batch of radical … they wouldn’t judge it,” Colby said, noting he’s a councillor connected Mistawasis First Nation and helium knows the fiscal concern of immoderate of the younker successful the community.

“We’re not trying to marque these kids consciousness similar they’re better. We’re conscionable trying to springiness them a level playing tract – fto them travel successful and beryllium children.”

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