Calgary movie theatre facing uncertain future: ‘We’re just trying to keep the doors open’

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For galore locally owned and tiny businesses successful Calgary, the COVID-19 pandemic offered its ain unsocial challenges.

For Canyon Meadows Cinemas, the roadworthy to fiscal betterment has been agelong and arduous.

The cinema says it has seen astir a 90 per cent driblet successful gross since the pandemic began, and owed to delays successful Hollywood, the theatre is facing a agelong hold successful showing caller movies.

“We’re conscionable trying to support the doors unfastened astatine this point,” says manager Matthew Hunter.

In an effort to marque ends conscionable and entice audiences to return, the cinema has relied connected peculiar nutrient items — similar Korean corndogs and custom-made sodas — backstage events and peculiar screenings.

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The cinema is hoping to pull customers by showcasing lesser-known movies that whitethorn not marque it to large movie theatres, each for a outgo of $5 during the summer.

While a deficiency of caller contented is an industry-wide problem, convincing radical that theatres are harmless places to beryllium is another.

“We’re inactive doing our enforced disguise policy,” says Globe Cinema manager Cody Cook.

“Masks indispensable beryllium worn successful the lobby, the washroom area, but erstwhile you’re astatine your seat, you tin region your disguise to devour your concessions.”

But possibly the biggest obstacle for the movie theatre manufacture is the advent of video-on-demand services wherever immoderate movies are becoming disposable connected the aforesaid time arsenic their theatrical release.

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Landmark Cinemas CEO Bill Walker thinks streaming services allowed accumulation companies to monetize their films portion theatres were closed but helium believes the large surface volition amusement their worth erstwhile again erstwhile nine emerges from the pandemic.

“Once things settee retired to a much mean place, we’ll beryllium capable to re-establish an exclusive window, wherever movies spell archetypal [to a theatre] and past modulation to those 2nd windows,” helium said.

Hunter sees streaming services arsenic a large mode to present radical to caller tv bid and movies but feels determination is inactive thing peculiar astir going to the theatre.

“People volition ever spell to the theatre for the acquisition of a day nighttime oregon to get retired with their families.”

What yet whitethorn enactment audiences backmost successful seats is the buttery, salty and iconic snack that Cook says can’t beryllium replicated astatine home.

“You travel retired present and you’re going to get the existent movie popcorn.”

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