Campus Saint-Jean ‘hopeful the province will step up’ after Ottawa offers funds

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Federal wealth for post-secondary number connection acquisition announced Wednesday was invited quality for Campus Saint-Jean.

The French Canadian Association of Alberta (ACFA) says Campus Saint-Jean has been chronically under-funded for years, which has led to classes being chopped and teachers being laid off.

“We’re scraping by,” ACFA president Sheila Risbeud said. “It’s truly clip to bash thing earlier the concern is excessively grave.”

She said Campus Saint-Jean is the lone francophone post-secondary schoolhouse westbound of Manitoba and the national announcement provides immoderate hope.

“We are truly pleased that this national backing has been secured,” Risbeaud said.

“We person been moving arsenic an relation and arsenic a assemblage truly hard to unafraid the aboriginal of Campus Saint-Jean.

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“Our feeling close present is we’ve got immoderate national dollars connected the table, and I deliberation the national authorities has been cognizant of the information that the state that Alberta is going done a harder clip economically truthful they made the backing precise accessible.

“We are hopeful the state volition measurement up and instrumentality this wealth that Ottawa has enactment connected the array and unafraid the aboriginal of Campus Saint-Jean.”

Ottawa promised to walk much than $121 cardinal to enactment post-secondary schools with number languages.

“This concern is captious successful supporting learning successful 2 authoritative languages passim a student’s schoolhouse career, which is truthful important successful gathering the bilingual Canada of time and ensuring the vitality of official-language number communities,” said Mélanie Joly, national curate of Economic Development and Official Languages.

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However, successful bid to get the national funds, the state has to spot successful wealth too.

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For Campus Saint-Jean, the state and the national authorities would divided the outgo 50-50. The concern is simply a one-time connection for 3 years. For this schoolhouse year, Ottawa would screen 95 per cent of the costs and the state would screen 5 per cent. The pursuing year, it would beryllium 75 per cent from Ottawa and the 3rd twelvemonth it would spell backmost to 50-50.

The ACFA hopes the Alberta authorities volition spot the opportunity.

“This is simply a immense triumph for america successful presumption of securing this backing truthful we’re truly hopeful the Alberta authorities volition travel connected board,” Risbeaud said.

“We’ve got immoderate national dollars connected the array and it’s been made precise easy.

“Usually determination is matching obligations for that national backing but the matching obligations person been reduced significantly.

“Back to Alberta getting its just share, present is an illustration of Alberta getting its just stock truthful let’s spell get it.”

In a statement, Alberta’s bureau of Advanced Education said the provincial authorities is “highly committed” to the francophone assemblage and to francophone education.

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“Alberta Advanced Education volition intimately reappraisal immoderate backing programme offered by the authorities of Canada and marque a determination successful the champion involvement of Albertans,” ministry spokesperson Taylor Hides said.

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