Canada offers ‘path to protection’ for Afghan interpreters amid ‘critical’ situation

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  • The Taliban is advancing rapidly crossed Afghanistan arsenic U.S. forces withdraw.
  • Afghans who aided Canadian troops during the warfare determination are present facing torture and decease from the Taliban, prompting urgent calls for the authorities to assistance them.
  • The programme announced Friday volition spot them and their families welcomed to Canada arsenic refugees, though details are scarce.

Canadian officials are connected the crushed successful Afghanistan and moving to place those eligible for a caller “path to protection” for Afghans who supported Canadian troops during the warfare successful that country.

The update from the authorities comes amid what Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino called a “critical” clip for those who person helped Canadian soldiers and present look the hazard of decease and torture by a accelerated Taliban beforehand crossed the country.

Details connected the programme are scarce truthful acold but Mendicino said the programme volition invited the Afghans and their families arsenic refugees for resettlement. He said portion the numbers are successful flux, the estimation is that Afghans eligible nether the programme volition beryllium successful the “thousands.”

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Mendicino said the program volition absorption connected peculiar migration measures for Afghan interpreters, Afghans who person worked oregon are presently moving to enactment the Canadian embassy, arsenic good arsenic their families.

“We cognize that clip is of the essence,” said Mendicino.

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“We expect the archetypal arrivals volition beryllium successful Canada precise shortly.”

Work continues to effort to place the Afghans who volition beryllium eligible, helium said, but did not supply details erstwhile asked connected however galore individuals volition beryllium capable to travel to Canada oregon what the timeline is for the effort.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said they could not supply further details due to the fact that of “operational security,” and said readying with conjugation allies connected logistics is underway.

“The program itself has to beryllium guarded for the information of the radical we’re trying to bring to Canada,” helium said.

 'Afghan interpreters look   decease  threats from Taliban aft  U.S. troops leave' 2:13 Afghan interpreters look decease threats from Taliban aft U.S. troops leave

Afghan interpreters look decease threats from Taliban aft U.S. troops permission – Jun 3, 2021

Canada withdrew troops from Afghanistan successful 2011 but aft astir 20 years, U.S. forces are present besides successful the process of withdrawing from the state aft waging a warfare to region the Taliban from power.

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The Taliban are Islamist extremists who enforce sharia instrumentality and held powerfulness successful Afghanistan from astir 1996 to 2001 erstwhile conjugation forces overthrew them.

Now, the Taliban insurgency has been making accelerated gains and present holds astir fractional of the 421 districts arsenic U.S. forces retreat, raising concerns that the militant extremists will beryllium successful a presumption to enactment different determination violent groups similar ISIS and besides people those who helped Canadian forces during the war.

Thousands of radical person fled the Taliban advance.

More to come.

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