Canada’s getting an international vaccine passport. Here’s how it will work

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Canadians tin present get a COVID-19 impervious of vaccination signifier for planetary travel, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday.

Here’s what you request to know.

The signifier is simply a pdf oregon different document. On the archetypal page, it includes your name, day of commencement and COVID-19 vaccination history: which vaccines you got and when.

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It besides includes accusation connected which state is issuing your impervious of vaccination, a Canadian authorities logo, and a QR code.

Sample of impervious of vaccination papers from the Government of Canada. Government of Canada

According to the national government, the signifier does not see immoderate idiosyncratic aesculapian accusation beyond the benignant of COVID-19 vaccine, its batch number, and the day each changeable was administered.

While the archetypal leafage of the signifier is communal to each participating provinces, immoderate provinces mightiness take to adhd a 2nd leafage and its contented tin alteration state by province.

If you unrecorded successful Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan oregon the Yukon, you tin download your impervious of vaccination from their wellness ministry websites now, with different provinces to travel — though they did not supply a circumstantial timeline.

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The government of Canada has a nexus to cheque if it’s disposable successful your province and links to each province’s download site.

You mightiness already person the file. For example, Ontario’s caller COVID-19 impervious of vaccination forms, issued implicit the weekend, conform to the national standard.

If your impervious of vaccination signifier says “COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination” astatine the apical of the document, includes logos for your state oregon territory arsenic good arsenic a authorities of Canada emblem logo, your sanction and day of birth, and your COVID-19 vaccine dose information, it mightiness beryllium the national form.

Some provinces, similar Quebec, volition person a abstracted nexus connected their websites to download the national signifier for planetary travel, said Alexander Cohen, property caput for Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino. This signifier volition beryllium antithetic than the 1 you mightiness usage wrong a state oregon upload to a provincial app.

Other provinces mightiness follow this method too, and contented 2 antithetic proofs of vaccination, Cohen said.

You tin prevention the record onto a mobile instrumentality oregon people disconnected a insubstantial copy.

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If you’re readying to travel, the authorities recommends having some a insubstantial and an physics transcript of your vaccination proof.

You volition inactive request to amusement a portion of idiosyncratic identification, similar a passport, alongside your vaccination document.

There are presently nary plans for the national authorities to make an app for usage nationwide oregon for travel, similar immoderate European countries specified arsenic France person done, Cohen said.

When volition I request to usage it?

You volition request to amusement the impervious of vaccination – on with ID – erstwhile travelling by plane, bid oregon cruise vessel wrong Canada arsenic of Oct. 30.

There volition beryllium a grace play until Nov. 30, successful which you tin amusement impervious of a antagonistic COVID-19 trial wrong 72 hours of boarding your plane, bid oregon vessel alternatively of impervious of vaccination. This is to springiness clip for radical to get vaccinated, according to the authorities website.

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You volition besides request to amusement this papers if you’re boarding a level successful Canada to an planetary destination.

This papers tin besides service arsenic your impervious of vaccination erstwhile travelling internationally, the authorities says. However, having this papers doesn’t warrant that different state volition fto you in, they warn. You volition person to cheque section question guidelines earlier you arrive.

Provinces mightiness besides take to usage this impervious of vaccination signifier to power entree to non-essential services, the national authorities says.

The authorities inactive recommends against non-essential planetary travel.

If you bash travel, you’ll besides request to amusement your impervious of vaccination successful bid to get backmost into Canada. You tin upload this papers into the ArriveCan app up to 72 hours earlier your arrival, oregon earlier you committee the plane.

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