Canada, Sweden ask to push back Olympic women’s soccer final over heat concerns

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By Gregory Strong The Canadian Press

Posted August 4, 2021 2:14 am

 'Team Canada kicks U.S. retired  of moving  for women’s shot    Olympic gold' 1:52 Team Canada kicks U.S. retired of moving for women’s shot Olympic gold

WATCH: Team Canada kicks U.S. retired of moving for women's shot Olympic gold

Canadian and Swedish squad officials are asking organizers to propulsion backmost the scheduled late-morning kickoff clip for the women’s shot last to debar the searing vigor expected Friday astatine Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium.

Canadian Olympic Committee main athletics serviceman Eric Myles says the COC supports Canada Soccer’s petition for a change.

Swedish squad officials accidental they person discussed the taxable with FIFA, the sport’s governing body, and are hoping the International Olympic Committee volition o.k. the request.

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The last is scheduled to statesman astatine 11 a.m. section clip Friday (10 p.m. eastbound clip connected Thursday). The forecast is calling for mostly sunny conditions and a precocious of 34 C, with an expected vigor scale making it consciousness similar it’s successful the debased 40s.

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It volition beryllium Canada’s first-ever quality successful an Olympic women’s shot final.

Messages near with the IOC were not instantly returned.

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