Capcom Is Now Offering Resident Evil Perfumes To Celebrate Leon, Jill, And Chris

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Ever looked astatine Jill Valentine, Leon Kenney, oregon Chris Redfield and thought to yourself: "Self, I privation to odor similar those good specimens"?  If the reply is yes, past boy, bash we person the perfume for you. Capcom is present selling officially licensed Resident Evil perfume, and don't worry: it doesn't odor similar humor and gore similar the gimmick candle the institution sold a fewer years ago

For now, the perfumes are constricted to conscionable the 3 characters and to the Capcom Japan store. The institution hasn't confirmed if the eau du zombie slayer enactment volition beryllium making its mode to the west, but determination is anticipation for those that don't person a pal successful Japan for the hookup. In the past, Japan-exclusive items did yet marque their mode to a planetary release. That, and yet the enactment volition marque its mode to Amazon Japan, which usually volition vessel internationally. 


The downside is that we don't really cognize however the 3 scents smell. The statement states that the perfumes were inspired by the characters, but doesn't reveal how. What are the notes? Floral, musky, fruity? Do they odor similar execution and rampage, oregon bash they odor similar the vexation we felt successful Village erstwhile we were yelling astatine Chris, "THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AN EMAIL." No matter, they're nifty collector's items astatine worst. 

Capcom is nary alien to making scents based connected its fashionable franchsies, including an admittedly awesome Devil May Cry line, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, and more! To larn much astir the Resident Evil additions and what Capcom has successful store, you tin cheque retired the authoritative shop's listing close here

Holding retired for a planetary release? We get it! But portion you're here, consciousness escaped to mosey connected implicit to our astir caller Resident Evil hub with Village to spot each of the latest and top regarding the latest introduction successful the Capcom franchise. 

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