Central Okanagan continues to drive COVID-19 case surge in B.C.

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The Central Okanagan is B.C.’s latest COVID-19 blistery spot, and the fashionable tourism destination continues to thrust cases upwards arsenic vaccination rates lag down the remainder of the province.

Over a four-day period, the B.C. Interior recorded 395 of the province’s 742 caller cases of COVID-19.

“When you spot a COVID lawsuit number today, it reflects COVID cases oregon transmissions from past week,” B.C. wellness curate Adrian Dix told Global News.

“So we don’t crook the vessel all-around astatine once.”

“So we’re going to see, coming retired of this weekend, much than fractional of the cases successful the state being (from) Interior Health. And the most, and largest portion of those cases, being successful the Central Okanagan section wellness area.”

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There are present 847 progressive cases successful the Interior Health region, compared to 348 progressive cases successful Fraser Health and 212 progressive cases successful Vancouver Coastal Health.

Over a four-day period, BC is reporting 742 caller lawsuit of COVID-19:
• July 30-31: 160 caller cases
• July 31-Aug. 1: 196 caller cases
• Aug. 1-2: 185 caller cases
• Aug. 2-3: 201 caller cases

There are 53 radical presently successful hospital, 19 of whom are successful intensive care.

— Adrian Dix (@adriandix) August 3, 2021

Officials declared an outbreak successful the Central Okanagan connected July 28, prompting the reintroduction of nationalist wellness measures successful Peachland, West Kelowna, Kelowna and Lake Country, including the instrumentality of mandatory masks successful indoor nationalist spaces.

 'Vacationers’ amusive  smoked retired  successful  the Okanagan' 2:09 Vacationers’ amusive smoked retired successful the Okanagan

Vacationers’ amusive smoked retired successful the Okanagan

Dr. Sue Pollock, interim main aesculapian wellness serviceman with the Interior Health Authority, said much than 95 per cent of caller cases are among radical who are not afloat vaccinated.

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“We are seeing cases successful that younger property group, aged 20-40,” Pollock said.

The Interior Health portion is besides lagging down successful vaccination rates.

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Approximately 75 per cent of eligible radical successful B.C.’s Interior person received their archetypal dose, compared to 81.4 per cent province-wide.

Sixty per cent of residents successful the Interior person received a 2nd dose, portion 67 per cent of radical crossed B.C. are afloat immunized.

81.4% (3,773,442) of eligible radical 12+ successful BC person received their archetypal dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

67.3% (3,121,311) received their 2nd dose.

6,902,320 doses of vaccine person been administered.

Full details: https://t.co/ifEejevCOK

— Adrian Dix (@adriandix) August 3, 2021

B.C. is launching a caller vaccination blitz called “Walk-In Wednesday” arsenic portion of its Vax for BC Program.

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A full of 20,000 doses are reserved exclusively for walk-in patients astatine each vaccine clinics crossed the state connected Wednesday, Aug. 4.

 Reintroduction of disguise  mandate not surprising, accidental    immoderate   Kelowna businesses' 2:07 COVID-19: Reintroduction of disguise mandate not surprising, accidental immoderate Kelowna businesses

COVID-19: Reintroduction of disguise mandate not surprising, accidental immoderate Kelowna businesses

“What we truly privation is simply a large turnout for vaccinations successful Interior Health,” Dix said.

“If you enactment successful the work industry, if you enactment successful the community, if you ever privation to question extracurricular Canada, it’s clip to get vaccinated.”

Interior Health has besides opened a drop-in mobile immunization session astatine the Kelowna Yacht Club, wherever the member’s lounge is temporarily closed aft 2 unit members tested affirmative for COVID-19.

“We were looking astatine a session that would beryllium much accessible for this younger property radical wherever we are seeing much cases, and trying to marque it much accessible for workers successful the work manufacture who are downtown,” Pollock said.

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 'Perspective connected  caller   COVID-19 restrictions successful  Central Okanagan' 2:01 Perspective connected caller COVID-19 restrictions successful Central Okanagan

Perspective connected caller COVID-19 restrictions successful Central Okanagan

Infectious illness experts accidental the vaccine propulsion could beryllium effectual successful the Interior.

“I deliberation this vaccine Wednesday, these vaxathons, making the vaccine disposable successful assorted locations wherever we cognize unvaccinated radical would thin to go, I deliberation this is going to beryllium portion of the solution,” said Dr. Brian Conway, aesculapian manager of the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre.

Conway said the slowdown of radical receiving their archetypal dose leaves a spread for variants of the microorganism to instrumentality clasp successful B.C.

“It leaves a immense gap, due to the fact that not lone bash you request 1 dose but you request 2 doses to beryllium properly, optimally protected against imaginable corruption with the Delta variants,” helium said.

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Conway added that caller studies amusement Canada’s approved vaccines connection up to 80 per cent extortion against the Delta variant erstwhile double-dosed.

“I deliberation that’s encouraging news. It’s not arsenic bully arsenic different variants that person been astir since the opening of the pandemic, but it is sizeable protection,” helium said.

As for the restrictions successful the Central Okanagan, Pollock said they volition stay successful spot until COVID-19 lawsuit counts diminution and vaccination rates rise.

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