Chuck Schumer Drops The Hammer And Tells Democrats They No Excuses On Voting Rights Bill

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At a property conference, Senate Majority Leader Schumer told Democrats that they person nary excuses connected voting rights and everything is connected the array to walk the bill.


Majority Leader Schumer, "Republicans refusing to enactment voting rights is not an excuse for Democrats to bash nothing." Schumer says voting rights volition beryllium the archetypal happening Democrats tackle erstwhile they travel backmost successful September.


Senate Majority Leader Schumer told reporters:

We saw what this looked like when the Senate refuses to travel together adjacent connected elemental things that the American people overwhelmingly enactment on voting. Republicans, erstwhile again, obstructed adjacent debating, even debating voting rights legislation successful the Senate. Let me be wide the Republicans refusing to support voting rights is not an excuse for Democrats to bash nothing.

As precocious arsenic yesterday we’ve had a gathering of 9 senators, myself and 4 of the more Progressive senators, Warnock, Merkley, Klobuchar, and Padilla, and mean ones, Manchin, Kane, and Tester and we’re coming unneurotic with a strong voting rights bill. So we volition travel up with that legislation. We volition rally astir it and this greeting I filed closure to allow the Senate to instrumentality up that measure erstwhile we return. 

Schumer Says Everything Is On The Table To Pass A Voting Rights Bill

Video of Schumer saying everything is connected the table:

Majority Leader Schumer says, "EVERYTHING is connected the array to walk a voting rights bill." That means determination are nary options including passing a measure with votes+VP Harris utilizing reconciliation.


Chuck Schumer Is Going To Make A Full Push For Voting Rights

When Schumer said that everything is connected the table, helium means everything. Democrats are looking to propulsion retired each of the stops to walk a voting rights bill. If August was infrastructure month, September is going to beryllium voting rights month.

The mainstream media inactive doesn’t comprehend it, but Democrats are going to effort to get voting rights protections passed without needing 60 votes. Republicans aren’t going to enactment immoderate voting rights.

Finally, successful September, the large propulsion for voting rights volition begin.

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