City of Toronto officials, police move in to end encampment at Alexandra Park

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A period aft a monolithic cognition to wide encampments astatine Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park, authorities are moving to extremity an encampment astatine Alexandra Park.

According to a quality merchandise issued by the City of Toronto aboriginal Tuesday, the determination came aft trespass notices were issued to those surviving astatine park, located astatine Bathurst Street and Dundas Street West.

Officials estimated determination are 28 to 35 radical are surviving astatine the parkland and said determination are astir 60 structures connected the site.

“All individuals experiencing homelessness successful this encampment … are being offered safe, indoor space, with entree to meals, showers and laundry, harm reduction, carnal and intelligence wellness supports, and a lodging worker,” the connection said, noting the parkland volition beryllium closed connected Tuesday portion the cognition occurs.

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“All individuals volition beryllium required to permission the park, which volition let City crews to commencement removing debris and restoring the grounds.

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“Occupants volition beryllium fixed clip to battalion 2 bags of belongings to instrumentality with them. All different belongings volition beryllium collected and stored for up to 30 days for aboriginal pickup.”

The connection said determination person been 146 calls for work from municipal officials and exigency crews. In September, a occurrence broke retired astatine the parkland aft a cardboard container was placed implicit a generator astatine the park.

Meanwhile, the propulsion to wide Alexandra Park followed municipal enactment taken connected June 22 astatine Trinity Bellwoods Park that saw clashes betwixt Toronto constabulary officers and protesters.

Dozens of officers, bylaw enforcement officers, information guards attended the parkland to oversee the removal of those surviving successful the parkland arsenic ample impermanent fences were erected astatine the southwest country of the park.

Many who unrecorded successful the camps antecedently told Global News the shelters and hotels offered by the City of Toronto aren’t a desirable enactment successful portion owed to the bounds connected belongings and the rules and curfews imposed arsenic good arsenic different safety-related issues.

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