COMMENTARY: Nova Scotia election candidates need to step up and make province more accessible

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In Nova Scotia, we are celebrated for dragging our feet. Change comes, but lone aft truthful overmuch wasted clip and lives sacrificed portion waiting to clasp it.

I would similar to connection a mates of thoughts connected however I would similar the deaf and disabled communities to beryllium treated by the provincial government.

Traditionally, my assemblage has been treated arsenic children oregon patients by the authorities of Nova Scotia. Please telephone america citizens.

Stop looking astatine the disabled and deaf communities arsenic being connected the extracurricular looking in, arsenic authorities folks bash the “hard work” connected our behalf. We are the experts connected what we request and however to get there. Nothing astir america without us.

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I implore our politicians to clasp Bill 59, which was passed successful Nova Scotia successful 2017.

The Respecting Accessibility Act aims to marque Nova Scotia inclusive and barrier-free by 2030 and includes six accessibility standards that are presently nether development, according to Accessibility Services Canada.

We tin usage the measure arsenic inspiration for however to woody with deaf and disabled citizens. Since the measure became law, the authorities has operated arsenic if it doesn’t exist.

 'Disability enactment     says authorities  hasn’t done enough' 1:31 Disability enactment says authorities hasn’t done enough

Disability enactment says authorities hasn’t done capable – Jul 24, 2021

After Bill 59 was passed, the legislature’s instrumentality amendments committee gave disabled citizens from each corners of Nova Scotia 3 concern days to put rides to the legislature to workout our antiauthoritarian rights.

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Three concern days for a assemblage successful which galore members person to put for a thrust 2 weeks up of time. This is wherefore my archetypal words to the legislature’s instrumentality amendments committee were to constituent retired however undemocratic the process was, astatine that point.

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Our group, the Bill 59 Community Coalition, played a immense portion successful getting the committee to get unneurotic six months aboriginal nether a better, much inclusive setting. The authorities was truthful impressed, galore of america were picked to enactment for the Accessibility Directorate.

More needs to beryllium done excessively to marque Province House and our metropolis much accessible.

The ramp to the Speaker’s seat should remain, making it accessible. This measurement for Speaker Kevin Murphy was not a workaround, it was an upgrade. It improves the location due to the fact that it allows much entree to our carnal democracy.

We indispensable besides ramp 1 broadside of the Hollis Street entranceway to the legislature. As it is now, wheelchairs indispensable travel done a doorway straight nether the steps the authorities uses to enter, portion I indispensable participate nether immoderate stairs, and past transverse the lobby to spell done security.

Use us. Please. From our radical are immoderate of the smartest, astir passionate and astir originative citizens successful Nova Scotia. We’ve go that due to the fact that we person had to combat our ain authorities for the barest of accommodations for generations.

Work with america alternatively of against us.

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Paul Vienneau is an accessibility advocator who became good known successful Halifax aft helium was seen breaking up heavy crystal from his wheelchair successful downtown Halifax successful 2015, and for his combat for amended accessibility.

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