Complaints levied against Coun. Jeff Davison fundraiser in Calgary mayoral race

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A mayoral campaigner successful the upcoming Calgary municipal election is nether occurrence pursuing complaints that a play tourney fundraiser whitethorn person violated run fundraising rules.

The ailment accuses Ward 6 Coun. Jeff Davison’s run of colluding with a 3rd enactment advertiser to rise funds, and violated the Local Authorities Elections Act.

The tournament, to beryllium hosted astatine the Heritage Pointe Golf Club connected July 29, is being enactment connected by a third-party advertiser called Calgary Tomorrow to rise funds for advertizing to enactment Davison successful his bid to beryllium the city’s adjacent mayor.

An email advertizing the play lawsuit was sent to Davison supporters connected July 6, stating the campaigner was hosting the tourney called the Jeff Davison for Mayor fundraiser.

The email, which was sent by Davison’s interim run manager Catherine Brownlee done an email relationship not associated with the campaign, included a registration signifier that prompted donors for idiosyncratic oregon firm donations. The registration signifier suggested firm donations beryllium made retired to Calgary Tomorrow.

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The invitation signifier to the fundraiser for Calgary mayoral campaigner Jeff Davison. Obtained by Global News

In a travel up email from Brownlee to supporters connected July 20, the registration signifier advertised the lawsuit arsenic the Calgary Tomorrow fundraiser and said “proceeds from the tourney volition beryllium utilized to behaviour predetermination advertizing successful enactment of Jeff Davison’s tally for mayor.”

According to the Davison campaign, Brownlee is nary longer interim run manager but remains with the run arsenic a volunteer.

The latest registration asked for a $10,000 rubric sponsorship donation and a $5,000 meal sponsorship.  According to the invitation, the rubric sponsorship includes the accidental to MC the lawsuit oregon inquire Davison questions successful a Q and A format, and the meal sponsorship included meal with the candidate.


Obtained by Global News


Obtained by Global News


Obtained by Global News

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Jan Damery, who is besides moving for politician successful October’s election, has filed the ailment to the Election Commissioner regarding the event.

Damery’s ailment accuses Davison’s run of violating the Local Authorities Elections Act.

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“We’ve go alert successful my campaign, I and my team, that Coun. Davison allegedly has violated run concern rules,” Damery said. “We’re conscionable asking questions, it’s looking offside to the legislation.”

Damery said she’d similar to spot an probe into the fundraiser.

Lisa Young, a prof astatine the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, has researched governmental financing extensively implicit her vocation and says it’s important for campaigns and 3rd enactment advertisers to stay abstracted entities.

“The thought is that there’s a existent hazard that 3rd parties volition beryllium acceptable up arsenic a mode for candidates and their campaigns to get astir the law,” Young said. “So if we accidental that a campaigner can’t instrumentality wealth from unions, but past a 3rd enactment is acceptable up to instrumentality wealth from unions connected behalf of the candidate, and the campaigner is alert of it, past it’s truly conscionable similar the campaigner taking wealth from unions.”

The Election Commissioner would not remark whether oregon not determination is oregon would beryllium an probe into the fundraiser.

As for the complaints levied astir the fundraising event, Young said determination is “a beardown quality of collusion oregon practice betwixt the run and the 3rd party.”

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“The authorities says that a campaigner shall not collude with a 3rd enactment to circumvent a publication limit, and that’s truly what’s essential.  So is determination immoderate benignant of explicit practice betwixt the campaigner and the 3rd enactment arsenic a mode of getting astir the publication limits that the campaigner faces?”  Young asked.

“So if the lawsuit is being held to rise contributions that the campaigner could not accept, past my mentation would beryllium that the campaigner should not beryllium determination and should not beryllium explicitly cooperating with this 3rd enactment successful its fundraising activities.”

Davison unaware of fundraiser

When asked by Global News astir the play fundraiser, Davison said helium was unaware of the lawsuit and that helium had not been successful interaction with Calgary Tomorrow.

Davison added helium was alert determination is simply a radical operating to rise wealth successful enactment of his candidacy for mayor.

“I cognize there’s a batch of 3rd enactment advertisers retired there, they are wholly ineligible and run wrong the jurisdiction of Elections Calgary and Elections Alberta,” Davison said. “These are a byproduct of what the provincial authorities has laid retired successful bid to fundraise for Calgarians.”

“I americium wholly alert determination is simply a radical retired determination raising wealth for my candidacy for mayor.”

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He added that to his knowledge, cipher successful his run had been successful interaction with the third-party advertiser either.

Davison said that campaigns can’t judge wealth from third-party advertisers nor tin they beryllium successful interaction astir fundraising.

In a connection to Global News, Davison run manager Kelley Charlebois maintains the run did not interruption immoderate of the rules.

“Our run is committed to some the tone and the volition of the provincial legislation,” Charlebois said. “We person strictly followed the rules arsenic laid retired and we volition proceed to bash so.”

Calgary Tomorrow registered but undisclosed

Damery’s ailment besides accuses Calgary Tomorrow of operating without being registered arsenic a third-party

But, according to Elections Calgary, Calgary Tomorrow is simply a third-party advertiser that registered connected May 3, 2021.

However, Calgary Tomorrow did not supply consent to Elections Calgary to marque their accusation publically available.

Elections Calgary said the Local Authorities Election Act doesn’t springiness Elections Calgary the authorization to people that accusation without the consent of the third-party advertiser, nor is it required.

On Thursday, Global News was notified that Calgary Tomorrow had fixed consent to person their accusation beryllium publically listed online, and the website would beryllium updated.

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“It’s unfortunate that idiosyncratic Calgarians who person chosen to subordinate successful the antiauthoritarian process to prime our adjacent mayor, are present being targeted by frivolous complaints and slimy governmental tactics to suggest thing untoward has happened,” Charlebois said successful a statement.

Davison’s run manager besides encouraged each third-party advertisers to marque their accusation publically available.

“We promote each TPAs to marque their interaction accusation disposable and their affiliations clear,” Charlebois said. “As the rules stipulate, it’s not our determination connected what immoderate third-party advertiser chooses to do. I’d besides suggest that immoderate donor to a TPA ought to inquire wherever their wealth is going.”

Young said the amendments to the Local Authorities Elections Act marque it challenging for voters arsenic good arsenic those down campaigns to interpret.

“When I look astatine this legislation, I deliberation it is beauteous hard to find your mode through, immoderate of the pieces person been moved implicit to regulation, truthful you request to spell looking astatine different spot to spot if determination are expenditure limits,” Young said.  “So it’s not the astir idiosyncratic affable portion of authorities that I’ve seen, erstwhile I comparison it.”

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