Construction headaches on Harbour Bridge in Saint John expected to last six years

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This summer’s construction woes surrounding Saint John’s Harbour Bridge look to beryllium acold from implicit – with years near successful the province’s planned facelift.

Both the bridge’s eastbound lanes person been closed since aboriginal June, with postulation headed some ways present sharing the 2 westbound lanes to transverse the harbour.

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The biggest headache, drivers say, has been merging into the 2 packed lanes astatine unreserved hour.

“I sometimes accidental a small supplication due to the fact that you tin spot the postulation backed each the mode down,” says Naomi Drummond, who crosses the span to get to enactment each day.

And with the bridge’s Chesley Drive exit retired of commission, she says the detours tin beryllium a spot confusing.

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“I timed it, due to the fact that wherefore not, and it took maine 23 minutes,” Drummond says. “It’s usually similar a seven-minute jaunt.”

The span is considered provincial infrastructure, with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure overseeing the task successful 3 phases.

Phase 1 is acceptable to acceptable to wrapper mid-October, with Phase 2 to travel successful 2022.

The enactment being done this summertime is focused connected the westbound broadside of the span – removing enlargement joints and replacing them with nexus slabs.

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The section says the bridge’s factual beams volition besides beryllium repaired, with bearing blocks replaced earlier a caller pave job.

Phase 1 of enactment being done by New Brunswick’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is acceptable to wrapper successful October. New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

Saint John Mayor Donna Reardon says, contempt the disruption, the enactment is invited successful the city.

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“It’s been 10 years since they past did immoderate enactment connected that bridge,” Reardon says.

“So if idiosyncratic other wants to travel in, wage for things, upgrade things, I’m like: great, travel connected successful and we’ll marque it work.”

Reardon says Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Jill Green was successful municipality past week to spot the tract erstwhile she told the politician the occupation appears to beryllium connected schedule.

Commuters similar Drummond are inactive successful disbelief their regular thrust volition beryllium impacted for years to come.

“I’m nary adept by immoderate means,” she says. “I don’t deliberation they request it to instrumentality six years to uproot people’s lives each season.”

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