Couple downsizing from house to bus

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DENTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Jessica Bishop and Edgar Coronado are taking downsizing to a caller level.

They’re trading successful their 1,100-square-foot location for beingness successful a 300-square-foot schoolhouse bus.

Tiny location schoolhouse autobus (CBS 11)

The tiny location outgo astir $18,000 and took astir 9 months to build.

It comes with a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

They accidental there’s plentifulness of furniture abstraction for retention and a closet.

Tiny location schoolhouse autobus (CBS 11)

The mobile location runs cheaper than your mean location successful North Texas.

This makes it affable for their wallets and the environment.

“We expect it to beryllium importantly cheaper,” Coronado said. “We tin supply astir of our energy done our star panels.”

They program connected traveling the country. First halt to Houston past to Arkansas.

“We’re conscionable going to question around, fig retired wherever we privation to enactment down roots and spell from there,” Bishop said.

It’s thing they accidental they’ve ever wanted to bash but didn’t person the clip until the pandemic.

“His occupation was stressful for him, and my occupation was nary longer there, truthful we knew we needed to marque a manner change,” Bishop said.

The Denton mates says erstwhile they commencement traveling, they program connected uncovering impermanent jobs on the way.

Until then, they person immoderate currency saved up and they’re excited to bask the unfastened roadworthy successful their tiny home.

Tiny location schoolhouse autobus (Kennedi Walker – CBS 11) Staff

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