COVID-19: 14 new cases in Kawartha Lakes, 1 in Northumberland County over August long weekend

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The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit reported 15 caller cases of COVID-19 implicit the August vacation agelong weekend.

In its update Tuesday afternoon, the wellness portion reported 14 caller cases successful the City of Kawartha Lakes and 1 successful Northumberland County. They travel 10 cases past reported connected Friday, July 30.

The fig of progressive cases is present astatine 30, up from 27 reported connected Friday: 21 successful the Kawarthas; 7 successful Northumberland; and 1 successful Haliburton County.

The wellness unit’s 2,169 cumulative resolved cases (12 much since Friday) marque up 95.8 per cent of the wellness unit’s 2,262 full cases since the pandemic was declared successful March 2020.

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The fig of variant cases accrued to 838, up from 836 reported connected Friday. Total variant cases see 454 successful the Kawarthas (two more), 346 successful Northumberland County (unchanged) and 37 successful Haliburton County (unchanged).

There are nary progressive outbreaks. Since the pandemic was archetypal declared, the wellness portion has dealt with 70 outbreaks — 29 of them astatine semipermanent attraction facilities, 11 astatine workplace settings, 10 astatine congregate settings, 9 astatine schools, 10 astatine “other assemblage settings” and 1 astatine a hospital.

In its play update issued connected Tuesday, the wellness portion reports the pursuing vaccination rates:

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  • 136,414 residents person received 1 COVID-19 vaccine dose; 119,151 residents person received 2 doses (fully vaccinated).
  • Residents property 12 and over: 79.4 per cent person received 1 dose, 69.4 per cent are afloat vaccinated
  • Residents property 18 and over: 80.3 per person one  received dose; 71.1 per cent are afloat vaccinated.
  • Tests: 68,414 individuals person been tested for COVID-19 since the pandemic was declared successful March 2020. The wellness portion notes 213,236 tests person been completed.
  • Deaths: 76 since the pandemic was declared. The latest virus-related decease was reported connected June 29 successful the City of Kawartha Lakes. There person been 58 deaths among radical who tested affirmative for COVID-19 successful the Kawarthas, 17 successful Northumberland County and 1 successful Haliburton County.
  • High-risk contacts: 75, down from 97 reported connected Friday.
  • Hospitalized COVID-19 cases to date: 86 (unchanged) There is 1 hospitalized lawsuit with nary cases reported successful an intensive attraction portion (unchanged since July 13). Ross Memorial Hospital successful Lindsay reported zero admitted COVID-19 patients. Since the pandemic began, determination person been 51 hospitalized cases successful the City of Kawartha Lakes, 32 successful Northumberland County and 3 successful Haliburton County.

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