COVID-19: University of Waterloo students will need to self-declare vaccination status

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The University of Waterloo says each students returning to field for the autumn semester volition person to self-declare their COVID-19 vaccination status, opening Sept. 1.

In a post connected its website, the schoolhouse says the data, which volition stay anonymous, volition beryllium utilized to program and set their wellness and information protocols.

“This measurement is important arsenic we proceed to find ways to make harmless spaces for moving and learning,” U of W said.

“Our plans volition stay flexible arsenic we measure the ever-changing risks presented by COVID-19 and arsenic nationalist wellness and authorities guidance besides alteration implicit time.”

Starting Sept. 1, students volition beryllium asked to state whether they person been afloat vaccinated against COVID-19 for astatine slightest 14 days done an online portal.

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If anyone responds “no” oregon “prefer not to say,” the assemblage volition supply that idiosyncratic with accusation astir vaccinations, booking appointments and different wellness measures.

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Students who are not vaccinated volition besides beryllium directed to a accelerated antigen screening programme and they volition beryllium expected to enactment successful screening doubly a week.

 'Debate continues implicit    anticipation   of mandatory vaccines' 2:02 Debate continues implicit anticipation of mandatory vaccines

Debate continues implicit anticipation of mandatory vaccines

“You indispensable proceed to person a antagonistic trial effect to travel to campus,” the assemblage said.

“We volition guarantee that anyone who tests affirmative confirms the effect with a PCR trial astatine the Health Services COVID-19 Testing Assessment Centre and indispensable self-isolate arsenic directed by wellness practitioners.

Vaccines are besides required for anyone surviving successful field residence.

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More accusation connected vaccination requirements for the University of Waterloo tin beryllium recovered connected its website.

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