Cubans living in Calgary gather to protest government crackdown in their homeland

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A small, but determined radical of Calgarians with ties to Cuba rallied Friday evening to amusement solidarity with household and friends surviving successful the land nation.

Earlier this month, thousands of Cubans poured into the streets successful the biggest anti-government demonstrations successful that state successful decades.

They protested implicit nutrient shortages, precocious prices and chanted “freedom” earlier constabulary violently cracked down connected them.

Ariana Ricardo joined a tiny radical extracurricular Calgary City Hall for the rally dubbed the Walk for Freedom.

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She said galore radical are acrophobic to protestation what’s happening successful their homeland for fearfulness of retaliation against their families.

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But Ricardo is adamant astir speaking retired and showing solidarity with those backmost home.

“I tin talk for my radical successful Cuba,” she said, pointing retired that astatine slightest 1 idiosyncratic has died during the protests. “I americium showing the satellite however they are living. We are present for state for our country.”

Ricardo said she hasn’t had immoderate connection with her household since Cuban authorities blocked telephone lines and chopped the net successful an evident effort to halt the travel of accusation into, retired of and wrong the country.

It’s estimated determination are astir 600 Cubans surviving successful Calgary.

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