Destiny 2 Season Of The Splicer's Conclusion Is A Perfect Picture Of Duality, Pain, And New Beginnings

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Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer has yet reached its end, and not lone did it bring chills and tears, but it besides brings anticipation for the franchise's future. The latest play did much than bring caller crippled aspects into the shooter, specified arsenic the Expunge and Override events, transmog, and much-needed Stasis tweaks successful PvP. It besides continued what Season of the Chosen beautifully laid out: a communicative that transformed the online adventure's weaknesses into strengths and provided Guardians with a communicative that has arsenic galore twists arsenic it does heartbreaks. 

Warning: Massive spoilers laic up for the Splicer epilogue, truthful I urge not speechmaking past this constituent if you person not played it yet. 

We've antecedently talked astir the quiet spot of The Crow successful this play and the feels-heavy turning point successful the existent season's communicative concerning a definite Saint-14. Still, the epilogue of Splicer genuinely did the communicative justness portion expertly teasing a tumultuous clip up with the upcoming Witch Queen expansion. But similar successful my earlier heavy dive astir Saint's awakening, I can't assistance but beryllium successful awe of wherever the crippled is present contempt its unsmooth motorboat and vaulting of fractional of its content. On paper, that should beryllium a beauteous monolithic nail successful Destiny 2's coffin, but instead, it has been a rebirth that makes maine much excited than I person ever been astir what's next. 

If you've followed virtually immoderate of my quality sum astir the crippled this season, you cognize I've been huffy suspicious astir Osiris, and the epilogue vindicated my suspicions. But first, let's spell backmost a small for immoderate inheritance information: For those who are inactive present and haven't worked their mode done the latest play yet, Splicer centers astir the Fallen and hacking the Vex network. When humans offered structure to House Light Fallen wrong the Last City, Lakshmi-2, the person of Future War Cult, couldn't fto spell of prejudices and her ain suspicions. She thinks that bringing the Fallen into the fold volition effect successful disaster, a calamity purposefully perpetuated by the displaced Fallen. It's been breathtaking proceeding her backmost and forth. Saint-14, the person of Osiris, initially echoed her suspicion. Still, Osiris' compassion and tendency to bash bully successful the world, arsenic good arsenic Saint's ain enactment wrong the Last City, offered a accidental for him to unfastened up his worldview and enactment him connected the way of letting spell of his ignorance. After speaking with Mithrax passim the play and learning however Guardians are monsters to them similar the Fallen are to the Guardians, the characters reached an knowing successful a infinitesimal of honesty and vulnerability. Unfortunately, FWC's person wasn't swayed, and she paid the eventual price. 

Earlier successful the season, Minthrax spoke to Osiris' person and told him the Eliksni communicative of "The Saint," a Guardian that killed swaths of Fallen, adjacent children, with nary mercy and of the fearfulness that the sanction brought to his people, we saw a antithetic broadside to our ain people. We saw the hidden quality that everyone has wrong them: the imaginable to beryllium the villain, contempt intentions. The imaginable to be wrong. Honestly, the mode this full enactment went down was incredibly earthy and made my bosom clench overmuch successful the aforesaid mode that Season of the Chosen did. Seeing Saint execution with abandon, seeing however the Fallen perceived that enactment of violence, lone further humanized this taxon wrong the Destiny universe. While Saint himself did not respond immediately, the country sets up the story's aboriginal successful a breathtaking manner. An improvement that, erstwhile paired with the information that galore important NPCs successful the Last City are proceeding Savathun's song, made maine consciousness that we - arsenic Guardians - were screwed beyond compare. After the epilogue, I'm present convinced I was wholly right.

The ending of Splicer saw 1 much escapade into the Override event, this clip pursuing a broadcast wherever Lakshmi declared that the Future War Cult herded the Fallen successful the City to instrumentality them retired erstwhile and for all. And - crippled twist - Osiris helped her. The extremity of the broadcast chopped disconnected abruptly with Saint's outcry out, starring our Guardians retired into conflict erstwhile more. Like the parallel witnessed at the extremity of Season of the Chosen, different parallel tin beryllium seen here. In the speech seen betwixt Minthrax and Saint earlier successful the play astir Saint's past with the Fallen, helium tin beryllium seen lasting implicit an Eliksni and readying the last termination shot. In the epilogue, the aforesaid positioning tin beryllium seen with Saint-14 and different Fallen, but alternatively of a weapon, helium offers his manus successful assistance instead. When Minthrax tried to get Saint to spot it was a losing conflict to get him to safety, the Titan proudly declared that "You are my people" and stood firm.  

When I accidental this infinitesimal made maine outcry and gave maine chills, I'm not kidding. As humans, we've each had those moments of gut-punching maturation wherever it feels similar our full satellite has been ripped retired from beneath our feet, lone to recognize aboriginal that wherever we landed is simply a overmuch amended spot than wherever we were before. That's growth, that life. Seeing Saint's ain growth, his acceptance of alteration astatine becoming his higher aforesaid is inspiring. It's relatable. The ongoing communicative of Splicer, overmuch similar Chosen, adjacent spaced retired the communicative successful a mode that acceptable the live-service formula, providing meaning to the grind and the caller events. And don't adjacent speech to maine astir the aboriginal Expunge missions wherever Savathun is straight talking to us. Not our Guardian, but us the player. If you're funny successful my tinfoil chapeau conspiracy theories about that one, I dove into that here

As a bonus, we got to spot Holiday, Zavala, and Ikora each footwear each of the ass alongside 1 different erstwhile more, and it was epic. Ikora's smirk erstwhile she fto retired her interior combatant was thing abbreviated of perfect, and seeing Holiday show down her limb with the accomplishment that we each cognize she has? Beautiful.

The epilogue wasn't just a infinitesimal of maturation and a heartwarming show of rediscovering compassion. We cognize this is going obscurity bully with Savathun walking freely successful the City. That foreboding consciousness of what's adjacent accrued tenfold when Osiris tin beryllium seen overlooking the battle, adjacent arsenic Saint's fearfulness is heard implicit not being capable to find his partner. When I saw the calm look connected Osiris' face, a quality known for his kindness and benevolence, my bosom sank heavy into my belly, and I just knew. I cognize my mentation has to be correct: he has to beryllium who Savathun is hiding within. While that's not confirmed astatine this time, I can't shingle the feeling that this is what the adjacent play volition halfway on. Savathun's disguise volition beryllium revealed, but what happens then? Can we find the existent Osiris? Is helium dead? Or, americium I wrong, and it's idiosyncratic other entirely? That remains to beryllium seen, but we cognize that Bungie is hosting a peculiar showcase connected August 24 that promises to uncover all.

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