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There are plentifulness of fantastic warring games retired there, some aged and new. As Arc System Works continues to update its older Guilty Gear games with rollback netcode, those fighters are fixed new life. However, is determination country for different combatant with recent entries successful the genre, specified arsenic Guity Gear Strive, and others connected the skyline similar SNK's King of Fighters XV? After going hands-on with the DNF Duel beta implicit the past weekend, Game Informer exertion John Carson thinks so. 

Game Informer exertion and today's host, Wesley LeBlanc, is joined by John, AKA The King of Late Night, AKA perchance the top warring crippled subordinate successful the world, to sermon the caller beta test. The 2 besides speech astir what makes DNF Duel antithetic successful a engaged genre, wherever its inspirations lie, and astir importantly, however it feels to play. 

In this New Gameplay Today, we besides have 15 minutes of action-packed DNF Duel Beta gameplay connected apical of the treatment topics above. Thanks for watching, and beryllium definite to fto america cognize what you deliberation of this upcoming warring crippled from Eighting and Arc System Works. 

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