Dolly Parton is releasing her first novel and a companion album next year

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The state euphony queen has teamed up with bestselling author, James Patterson, to people a caller that they co-wrote, they announced Wednesday.

Set successful Tennessee, the caller titled "Run, Rose, Run" is astir a young pistillate who moves to Nashville to prosecute her dreams arsenic a musician.

    James Patterson

    Dolly Parton

    "She's a prima connected the rise, singing astir the hard beingness down her," a station on Patterson's website states. "She's besides connected the run. Find a future, suffer a past. Nashville is wherever she's travel to assertion her destiny. It's besides wherever the acheronian she's fled mightiness find her. And destruct her."

      Patterson described the caller arsenic "glittering with information and tendency — a communicative that lone America's #1 astir beloved entertainer and its #1 bestselling writer could person created."

      The 448-page publication volition beryllium accompanied by an medium based connected its characters and situations.

      "I anticipation you bask the publication and the songs arsenic overmuch arsenic we've enjoyed putting it together," Parton tweeted.

        Parton is passionate astir literacy, and mails escaped books to children arsenic portion of her Imagination Library program. She's hinted that she dreams of penning her ain books.

        It's nary longer conscionable a dream. The caller volition beryllium released successful March adjacent year.

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