Dredging for larger Wolfe Island ferry begins along Kingston waterfront

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Posted July 20, 2021 11:38 am

A barge was retired on downtown Kingston's waterfront Monday to commencement dredging a way for a ample ferry, expected to get adjacent year. Global News

Dredging began successful the h2o disconnected of downtown Kingston connected Monday to marque abstraction for the caller Wolfe Island Ferry.

Kehoe Marine Construction retired of Lansdowne has been brought successful to commencement dredging for a deeper ferry channel, portion of the enactment to grow the Wolfe Island dock.

The dock is being lengthened astatine the ft of Queen Street.

The ample barge is clearing a way for the bigger Wolfe Island ferry, the Wolfe Islander 4 — a state-of-the-art electrical ferry.

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The vas is presently nether operation successful Europe and is slated for transportation adjacent year.

The dock enlargement is meant to beryllium finished successful 2023 arsenic well.

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