Early Data Suggests Trump’s Census Rigging Backfired On Republicans

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An archetypal look astatine the Census information reveals larger than expected municipality numbers and weaker agrarian numbers, which suggests that Trump’s Census rigging whitethorn wounded Republicans.

Strong Urban And Weak Rural Numbers In The New Census

Early read: based connected the beardown municipality and weaker agrarian numbers I'm seeing, this is simply a *much* much favorable Census number than number advocacy groups/Dems had feared.


America’s White Population Dropped By 2 Points:

Breaking: existent 2020 Census results... White: 57.8% (full 2 points little than estimates) Hispanic: 18.7% Black: 12.1% Asian/Other: 11.4% https://t.co/GBPzE89dcx


Georgia is present apt a majority-minority state:Lo

Some notable authorities data-points: Georgia conscionable 50.1% non-Hispanic white, and astir apt bulk number by now


Lots of states with higher than expected non-white counts:

Fascinating demographic breakdown by authorities from Census Bureau. Lots of states w/ higher-than-expected non-white counts, including FL/GA/NJ/NY present astir 50%+ non-white. https://t.co/DavJeI2qbM


Trump Tried To Rig The Census For Republicans, But He May Have Cost His Own Party

None of the Census information that I listed supra is bully quality for Republicans, who hoped that the Census would instrumentality distant seats successful bluish states and districts and manus them to the GOP’s agrarian strongholds.

Instead, what appears to person happened is that municipality maturation successful bluish counties has exploded, and agrarian achromatic America, which is the backbone of the Republican Party, continues to shrink.

Trump’s conspiracies and complaints astir the authorities whitethorn person driven the Census effect complaint down successful agrarian areas.

Democrats and number advocacy groups were disquieted that the Census would beryllium a nightmare for them, but it is looking a batch amended than they expected. People successful bluish areas listened, and they turned successful their Census forms to specified a grade that New York mightiness support each of their House seats.

The midterm is inactive going to necessitate a batch of enactment for Democrats to support the House, but Trump’s Census rigging looks similar it failed.

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