Edmonton health care aide student jumps into action, performs CPR on unresponsive man

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A pupil learning to beryllium a health attraction aide enactment her grooming to the trial during an exigency successful downtown Edmonton connected July 1.

“I was successful enactment astatine a store connected Jasper Avenue, trying to get immoderate brushed drinks,” Danica Porrier said. “It was 40 degrees that day.

“I was astatine the beforehand of the line. A man came moving in, benignant of slurring. I didn’t truly recognize what helium said but helium needed h2o for his friend.

“I paid close away, went retired to my vehicle. I looked astir the country and [saw that] helium was pouring h2o connected his friend.”

Porrier had h2o and an umbrella to shield them from the prima successful her car truthful she ran to help. The antheral was unresponsive, sprawled connected the ground, laying implicit his ample backmost pack, she recalled.

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“At archetypal (the friend) mentioned it was conscionable alcohol, but erstwhile helium started realizing the severity of the problem, helium told maine determination were narcotics involved.

“We tried waking him up and helium wasn’t responding.”

Porrier called 911 and the relation walked her done a checklist: Was helium breathing? Could she laic him level connected his back?

Porrier said her NorQuest College wellness adjutant training and caller information courses gave her the assurance to act.

“As soon arsenic I called 911 and she said: ‘You’ve got to commencement CPR,’ I thought, ‘Oh wow, I conscionable took that.'”

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She performed CPR — with the 911 relation walking her done each measurement — until EMS and occurrence crews arrived.

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“Right distant they took over. It was astonishing to spot the teamwork they did due to the fact that that’s portion of what we’re learning successful my wellness attraction adjutant program,” Porrier said.

“It was truly absorbing to ticker however they worked together.”

She said EMS lifted the antheral onto a stretcher and took him distant successful an ambulance. Porrier doesn’t cognize what happened to him.

Still, she’s gladsome she was determination and that she was capable to leap in.

“I didn’t cognize however I’d respond with what they taught maine but it’s bully to cognize I stepped up.”

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Alberta Health Services said Friday that Edmonton is seeing a precocious fig of opioid-related EMS calls.

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Between July 12 and July 18, determination were 139 opioid-related EMS calls successful Edmonton.

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According to Boyle Street Community Services, overdose deaths astir doubled successful Edmonton successful 2020, rising to 485 successful 2020 from 267 successful 2019. Data indicates they’re rising again this year.

“The fig of opioid related incidents — overdoses and/or cause poisonings — has risen importantly successful the past mates of months,” said Trisha Smith, enforcement manager of the Boyle McCauley Health Centre. “We’re seeing quadruple the numbers successful June compared to immoderate of the erstwhile 16, 18 months, successful a azygous month.

“The numbers are conscionable astronomical.”

Smith believes this emergence is happening crossed the province.

“This doesn’t conscionable hap successful Edmonton’s interior city. It happens crossed the full metropolis … This happens successful people’s homes erstwhile they’re utilizing alone.”

She says the expanding request is putting immense pressures connected archetypal responders, the health-care system, societal agencies and their staff.

“It’s overwhelming unit … it’s wearing them out.”

Smith says adjacent 911 is being inundated with calls for help.

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“There’s truthful overmuch unit connected the strategy that sometimes you don’t get done close away.”

“It’s a important unit connected resources,” she said. “The clients themselves — the individuals who are utilizing drugs — are sometimes having repeated incidents. The systems that are supporting them are besides feeling unit … each the different societal agencies.”

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Smith is encouraged that individuals and companies are taking it upon themselves to larn archetypal assistance and however to decently assistance successful different exigency situations.

“I deliberation it’s fantastic that determination are assemblage members, assemblage groups and organizations and businesses and individuals that are consenting to measurement into the space, consenting to beryllium trained, educated, and fig retired however to find the resources — to person Narcan and naloxone disposable — truthful that they tin respond, respond appropriately and assistance assemblage members erstwhile they request it astir and prevention people’s lives.

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“I liken this to taking a CPR course,” Smith said. “I deliberation it’s bittersweet we’re astatine a constituent wherever we person to trust connected assemblage to respond due to the fact that our resources are being stretched but I besides think, successful existent Edmonton fashion, we’re present to enactment each different and assistance each other.

“I deliberation it’s fantastic that individuals and businesses are consenting to measurement into this abstraction and assistance wherever they can.”

Porrier hopes much Edmontonians heed the telephone to beryllium trained and to help.

“I deliberation you request to attraction and you request to act,” she said. “If you haven’t had your CPR grooming successful a while, get it updated oregon upgraded. You tin bash it. 911 talked maine done the full thing. And I felt truly bully after.

“We each request to attraction a spot much for radical connected the street. You ne'er cognize wherever they’re from, what’s happened to them.”

“We should instrumentality attraction of our people,” Porrier said.

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The Addiction Helpline tin beryllium reached astatine 1-866-332-2322. The Mental Health Helpline tin beryllium reached astatine 1-877-303-2642.

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In an emergency, AHS says telephone 911 oregon spell to the nearest exigency department.

The wellness bureau besides shared information reminders for those who take to usage amerciable drugs:

  • Avoid utilizing portion alone
  • Ask idiosyncratic to cheque connected you oregon usage portion connected the telephone with a trusted idiosyncratic who tin telephone for assistance successful the lawsuit of an overdose
  • Use supervised depletion services if possible
  • Do a trial dose to cheque the potency oregon spot of the drug
  • Know the signs and symptoms of overdose and telephone 911 for absorption and support
  • Carry a naloxone kit and cognize however to usage it
  • Connect with your section harm-reduction, wellness and societal services agencies
  • Reach retired to disposable substance-use treatment, recovery-oriented supports and intelligence wellness services

Our students ne'er cease to amaze us—like our pupil Danica from the Health Care Aide program. Danica precocious enactment her skills to the trial erstwhile she came crossed a antheral overdosing. pic.twitter.com/OWj1Mts7ga

— NorQuest College (@NorQuest) July 21, 2021

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