Edmonton issued poor air quality warning due to thick layer of wildfire smoke

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Environment Canada issued an Air Quality Statement Saturday arsenic Edmonton and the surrounding country was blanketed by a heavy aboriginal of wildfire smoke.

As of Saturday, the full state of Alberta is present nether Air Quality Statements owed to the ongoing fires successful B.C.

According to the upwind agency, Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park residents should instrumentality other precautions owed to the mediocre aerial quality.

“Wildfire fume is simply a constantly-changing substance of particles and gasses which includes galore chemicals that tin harm your health.

Symptoms tin see sore and watery eyes, runny chemoreceptor and sinus irritation, arsenic good arsenic coughing and headache. More superior symptoms to ticker retired for are wheezing, shortness of breath, and terrible coughing.

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 'Special aerial  prime   advisory issued for Calgary' 1:43 Special aerial prime advisory issued for Calgary

Edmonton’s Air Quality Health Index registered astatine an 8 aboriginal Saturday afternoon, which indicates precocious risk.

Wildfire fume implicit the Edmonton country connected July 17, 2021. Global News

Environment Canada recommends that strenuous outdoor activities beryllium rescheduled nether the high-risk aerial conditions, particularly for those with underlying conditions similar asthma.

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