Edmonton jewelry designer featured in swag bag at Nevada’s Cordillera film festival

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A large accidental has travel up for an Edmonton jewelry designer.

Suzie Qualle’s designs were precocious selected to beryllium included arsenic the showcase portion successful the 2021 Cordillera International Film Festival VIP swag bag.

That means her jewelry volition extremity up successful the hands of internationally acclaimed filmmakers, celebrities, and academy members that are a portion of the Nevada festival.

Qualle has been creating jewelry for astir 10 years, but lone started her business, Grounded Revival – Mind and Soul Jewelry successful January of this year.

She designs Tasbihs, the Muslim equivalent of mala beads oregon rosaries, which are utilized successful supplication and meditation.
Qualle uses natural, semi-precious stones specified arsenic turquoise, quartz and onyx to plan her pieces, thing that drew festival organizers to her company.

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“It conscionable aligned truthful good with what their festival stood for, and conscionable benignant of being wherever they’re located, successful the mountains and by the water, a batch of that benignant of represents those pieces,” Qualle said.

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TIFF plans to invited in-person audiences successful September – Jun 23, 2021

She started her institution arsenic a mode to springiness backmost to the community, and donates 5 per cent of her profits to charities, focusing connected organizations that woody with home violence.

Qualle isn’t allowed to accidental which celebrities her jewelry mightiness extremity up successful the hands of, but says everyone connected the festival’s expansive assemblage gets a swag bag, including producers and directors of top-rated TV shows and movies.

The Cordillera International Film Festival is Nevada’s largest movie festival with an mean attendance of 15,000 annually. It starts July 29.

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