Family and friends cheer on Canada and Pointe-Claire native Joelle Bekhazi in Olympic water polo

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No substance the time, time oregon night, if Canada’s women’s h2o polo squad is successful the pool, the Bekhazi household is watching cheering connected girl Joelle Bekhazi.

Friends and household assemblage astir the television, decked retired successful squad Canada jerseys.

Red and achromatic maple leafage flags, draped each astir the house, alteration the Pointe-Claire location into a viewing party.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We person been waiting for this for a agelong time,” parent Diane Bekhazi said.

Bekhazi household cheering connected girl and Pointe-Claire autochthonal Joëlle, arsenic squad Canada’s women’s waterpolo squad competes connected the satellite stage. #TeamCanada

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The arrogant clump having been pursuing Joelle’s travel to the Olympics since she archetypal started swimming.

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Joelle made a splash successful the athletics of h2o polo astatine 12 years old, getting her commencement successful section West Island pools successful Pointe-Claire and DDO.

She joined the inferior nationalist squad astatine property 16, going connected to vie astatine the 2005 and 2007 satellite inferior championships.

As senior, she carried Canada to a metallic decorativeness astatine the 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019 Pan American Games.

Finally, aft 16 years, this is the archetypal clip Bekhazi has been to the Olympics, holding disconnected status for the accidental astatine surviving her imagination of competing astatine the highest level successful athletics — an astonishing infinitesimal for the family.

“It’s casual to beryllium arrogant of her. At the extremity of the time she should beryllium arrogant of herself for what she has done,” begetter Michel Bekhazi said.

“Dedication and discipline, that’s what she represents.”

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The women’s squad is struggling to enactment afloat successful the competition, winless aft 2 games, suffering close, hard-fought losses to Australia and Spain successful Groupe A.

“It’s frustrating. It’s not the effect we wanted,” Joelle said. “At slightest we gave you guys a show.”

Win oregon lose, her household says she has persevered to get this acold with awesome feats extracurricular of the pool, graduating from the University of South California successful biologic subject and completing a master’s successful physiology astatine McGill University.

“She is simply a relation exemplary for young women who truly privation to pursuit their imagination with athletics due to the fact that she is the impervious that it tin happen,” relative Marie Josée Yammine said.

Bekhazi and the squad volition look to their adjacent matchup against South Africa connected Wednesday.

Diane says the household has already acceptable their alarms for the 2:30 a.m. commencement to assistance cheer connected the squad to victory.

“Just play, girls, conscionable play. “

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