Family can now get some of Lexi Daken’s hospital records, as long as they don’t share it

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For the past fewer months Chris and Shawna Daken person been warring for the merchandise of their daughter’s infirmary records.

Horizon Health successful New Brunswick has present agreed to merchandise immoderate of those records – arsenic agelong arsenic the household agrees to support them private.

On Feb. 18, 16 year-old Lexi Daken went to the exigency country astatine the Dr. Edward Chalmers Hospital successful Fredericton. She near aft waiting for 8 hours and receiving nary intelligence wellness intervention. She died by termination a week later.

Chris Daken says the household has been trying since April to entree her infirmary records with small success.

“We thought that it was going to beryllium a elemental process. We followed the steps that Horizon told america to petition her wellness records, but present we are, benignant of pushed into a country saying we volition springiness them to you nether these conditions,” Daken said.

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“For america arsenic parents, it would beryllium bully to person immoderate closure connected that part.”

After utilizing the process provided by the wellness authorization to entree Lexi’s records arsenic the head of her estate, they’ve yet agreed to merchandise the records of her past 2 visits arsenic agelong arsenic the household promises not to stock immoderate of the information.

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Horizon says they are bound by the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act and incapable to stock the records nether immoderate different circumstance. Since Lexi was 16 her consent is needed to disclose her backstage wellness information.

“The diligent records were released with the knowing that the accusation provided would lone beryllium utilized for the intent stated successful the request,” said Margaret Melanson, vice-president of prime and patient-centred attraction astatine Horizon successful an email statement.

“The authorities imposes an ongoing work upon custodians – successful this case, Horizon Health Network – to support the privateness of patients, adjacent aft their death.”

The records from Lexi’s February 18 sojourn and February 24, the time she died, are the lone ones being released. But Daken is near wondering wherefore erstwhile visits aren’t being disclosed, including a erstwhile termination attempt.

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“I question wherefore Lexi’s sojourn successful November with her archetypal termination attempt, wherefore wasn’t that included successful the documents oregon the wellness records we’ll receive,” Daken said.

“We powerfully judge that that sojourn played a precise important portion successful the 2 visits that they shared with us.”

Daken says the household wasn’t readying connected releasing the accusation anyway, but has been frustrated with the process of obtaining the records. He says they’ll apt hold to the conditions, hoping for immoderate spot of closure.

“We privation to person immoderate closure. We privation to spot what’s successful those records to spot what happened that morning,” Daken said.

“So I’m definite we volition motion them, but benignant of against our will.”

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