Federal health minister announces research into challenges accessing abortion in N.B.

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Posted August 3, 2021 11:50 am

 'Horizon Health Network says ‘no need’ to summation   termination  services' 2:07 Horizon Health Network says ‘no need’ to summation termination services

New Brunswick’s English wellness authorization believes it is providing capable entree to abortion. In a letter, Horizon Health Network CEO Karen McGrath says the authorization sees nary crushed to grow entree astatine this time. It comes arsenic the contented is getting renewed national attraction up of a rumoured election. Silas Brown has more.

The national wellness curate committed $366,000 contiguous for probe connected challenges women look accessing abortion successful New Brunswick.

Patty Hajdu made the announcement successful Fredericton, saying the survey to beryllium led by the University of New Brunswick volition supply information for advocates to amusement the necessity of providing abortions astatine Clinic 554 successful the provincial capital.

She says Ottawa would beryllium extracurricular of its jurisdiction if it straight accrued backing for abortions astatine clinics, though she says the clinics and different termination providers tin use for backing to assistance women with question and different assistance to scope clinics.

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New Brunswick instrumentality bans authorities backing for abortions conducted extracurricular 3 approved hospitals — 2 successful Moncton and 1 successful Bathurst — and the state has refused backing for Clinic 554.

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The provincial Progressive Conservative authorities of Blaine Higgs has accused Ottawa of attempting to crook termination entree into a national predetermination issue, and Higgs has said the Horizon Health Network — which covers Fredericton — doesn’t deliberation it is indispensable to adhd termination services successful the province.

Hajdu said organizations specified arsenic the Fredericton session tin use for a stock of Ottawa’s caller fund committedness of $45 cardinal for supports specified arsenic grooming materials, nationalist consciousness activities and question and logistical enactment for radical who could not different entree termination services.

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