Fox News Guest/GOP Strategist Arrested For 5 Counts Of Child Sex Trafficking

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Anton Lazzaro, a Republican strategist and Fox News impermanent has been charged with 5 counts of enactment trafficking a minor.

The Daily Beast reported:

Anton Lazzaro, a young Republican strategist and erstwhile legislature run manager successful Minnesota, was arrested connected underage enactment trafficking charges Thursday morning, according to national instrumentality enforcement.

Lazzaro, an occasional Fox News impermanent who flaunted his affluent manner connected societal media, was indicted connected 5 counts of enactment trafficking of a minor, 1 number of attempting to bash so, and 3 counts of obstruction of justice. The FBI confirmed its agents had arrested Lazzaro successful Minneapolis this morning. And the indictment was unsealed successful national tribunal Thursday day during his archetypal quality successful national tribunal successful St. Paul, Minnesota, which took spot implicit a video conference.

Republicans Are The Party Of Child Sex Trafficking

If Democrats privation to marque a beardown statement to voters successful 2022, a lawsuit tin beryllium made that the Republican Party is the enactment of kid enactment trafficking.

Democrats each excessively often tally connected their grounds of doing things for the American radical and deliberation that volition beryllium capable to triumph elections.

It’s not.

The Republican Party is not lone trying to destruct democracy. The GOP is besides praying connected children and young girls. They are destroying families. When they aren’t trying to termination kids by spreading COVID, Republicans are enactment trafficking underage girls.

The GOP is simply a governmental enactment that is simply a information to America.

Democrats request to marque the statement each azygous time until the 2022 election. Republicans tried to overthrow the government, trafficked underage girls for sex, and are spreading COVID to the nation’s kids.

Lazzaro is impervious that the Republican Party is simply a menace to America.

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