Frostpunk 2 Is Coming And It Takes Place Decades After The Original

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Frostpunk, the bleak yet well-received endurance game, is getting a sequel. 11 Bit Studios has announced that Frostpunk 2 is connected the mode and task players with erstwhile again braving a frigid hellscape. The drawback is that this clip it’s acceptable 30 years successful the future.

The property of ember has ended and present lipid has go the frozen society’s astir sought-after resource. Not everyone is connected committee with this direction, and those who are person go embroiled successful faction wars and different conflicts. Like the archetypal game, Frostpunk 2 blends city-building, survival, and choice-driven gameplay by putting you successful the shoes of the person of a struggling city. You’ve got bare mouths to provender and not capable warmth to spell astir truthful it’s your occupation to marque pugnacious decisions successful the benignant of authorities that volition nett the champion results. Ruling with an robust fist whitethorn person resources pouring successful but volition your radical resent you? Does a much benevolent attack overgarment a representation of governmental weakness successful the eyes of rival settlements? 

While Frostpunk 2 retains galore of the elements of the original, 11 Bit Studios says they’re aiming to marque “more than a straight-up sequel”.  According to the game’s co-director Jakub Stokalski, “Frostpunk 2 builds connected the conflicts of its predecessor – endurance vs quality values, beingness vs the arctic frost. But astir importantly, it adds a caller furniture that is contiguous successful galore aspects of the crippled – beryllium it politics, beryllium it society, beryllium it technological advancement – the struggle betwixt humans and their nature”

We scored the archetypal Frostpunk an 8.75 retired of 10 with erstwhile Game Informer editor Matt Bertz writing that “Rarely does an interactive acquisition support maine awake astatine nighttime wrestling with large decisions. Frostpunk did this connected aggregate occasions and made maine consciousness squeamish erstwhile forcing edicts upon nine alternatively of gathering consensus. Extraordinary circumstances telephone for hopeless measures, and each I tin bash is inquire for forgiveness from those trampled by my headstrong approach.” 

Frostpunk 2 is planned to motorboat for PC lone for now, but the archetypal crippled yet made its mode to consoles so chances are bully that this volition too. It presently has nary merchandise window.

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